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Get mom to make the switch to PiperWai

Get mom to make the switch to PiperWai

We grew up with our moms wanting the best for us. They’re the reason why we only have ice cream for dinner sometimes. They care about our health and well being, and now it’s our turn to want the best for our moms. 

If you’re already a PiperWai user, you know the benefits of using natural products, especially when it comes to deodorant. Big-market antiperspirants have dominated our bathroom cabinets for nearly a century. Only within the past 10 years have natural deodorants made waves within the market. Now people are beginning to understand the questionable ingredients in antiperspiraint and want another alternative that is better for their health. 

The ugly truth about antiperspirant is out, but many are still in the dark on how antiperspirant can affect their health negatively. With Mother’s Day coming up, it’s time to show mom how much you care. Here are all the reasons why mom should be using PiperWai. 

PiperWai doesn’t fight what the body does naturally 

The active ingredient in antiperspirant is aluminum, which plugs sweat glands shut to stop perspiration. This is the reason why you don’t sweat when using antiperspirant. The product is literally changing the way your own body works to regulate itself. Our goal as a natural deodorant company is to help people understand that sweat is not the enemy. Sweat is completely natural, and it’s odorless! The body odor smell we try to cover up is a result of the fatty acids in sweat interacting with the bacteria on our bodies, not the moisture itself. 

Instead of fighting against the body, PiperWai goes after the culprit behind body odor by killing bacteria and neutralizing odor naturally. 

Common, regulated ingredients are still toxic

Just because the Food and Drug Administration allows it, doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Just recently, the American Lung Association went after the FDA for failing to regulate e-cigarettes, which we all know are not good for you. Same goes with certain ingredients in our food and personal care products. Excess sugar, saturated fat and sodium aren’t healthy for us, but there are plenty of foods out there with a whole lot of ‘em on their ingredient lists. Likewise, personal-care products have ingredients that are bad news for your body.

When making purchases, the biggest ingredients to avoid are ones that disrupt the endocrine system like parabens, pthalates and triclosan, all of which you may have heard of before. Parabens are used as an artificial preservative in products, pthalates are used to soften plastics and triclosan is an antimicrobial chemical. These chemicals disrupt the body’s endocrine system, which regulates the body’s hormones. Some sources out there link these disruptors to breast cancer, although there have not been scientific studies to back up the claim. Regardless, any ingredient that disrupts the body’s natural processes is not good. 

No animals are hurt when you choose vegan and cruelty free 

Now that information is readily available, consumers are educating themselves about what goes into their products and how those products are made. And unfortunately, many products involve animal products or animal testing. Simply put, animal testing is torture for animals and there is no reason for it to be happening within our industry. Many other people and brands feel the same and have put in effort to ban animal testing in the cosmetics industry. The United Kingdom banned cosmetic animal testing in 1998 and the European Union followed suit in 2013. In September 2018, California announced that starting January 2020, the state will ban sales of any cosmetics tested on animals. Just this year, Australia passed a bill that bans animal testing, naturally supported by the 85 percent of Australians that are against animal testing. 

By choosing PiperWai, you’re not just making a commitment to a healthier self, you’re making a commitment toward kindness. Being all natural, there is never an excuse for us to involve animal products or animal testing of any kind in our brand and products. 

Protect a sensitive area of the body

Your underarms may not seem sensitive, but they are full of lymph nodes and vessels that connect through the arm. More than 20 lymph nodes are located in the armpit alone and are responsible for moving lymph fluid through the body, which flushes and protects the body from dangerous substances like bacteria and waste material, as well as carries oxygen and nutrients.

Because of the amount of lymph nodes in the armpit, people have learned to be careful with the products and ingredients they put on their underarms. A big concern is cancer that starts out in the lymph nodes (lymphoma) or spreads to the lymph nodes. As mentioned above, there is currently no scientific link between cancer and antiperspiriant, but knowing how sensitive the underarm are is, many people don’t want to take any risks with their health. This is a big reason why people switch to natural products. Your skin absorbs ingredients from deodorants, lotions, etc. into the body and it’s important that those ingredients are not going to harm you body in any way. 

Activated charcoal absorbs moisture 

One of the biggest complaints with natural deodorant is that it doesn’t manage sweat the same way antiperspirants do. Keep in mind what we mentioned previously, though. Sweat isn’t the bad guy! However, we understand that heavy sweating can negatively affect someone’s self confidence, which is why we combined activated charcoal with magnesium to up our moisture-absorbing capabilities. 

The reason activated charcoal is so absorbent is a result of its processing. By being exposed to high temperatures, the charcoal’s surface area increases and its pores decrease. And while activated charcoal is the current wellness trend, it has been used by doctors as an emergency poison treatment since the early 1800s and is still used in hospitals today. 

Get mom to make the switch by taking advantage of our Mother's Day sale. From now thhrough May 13, buy one product and get one of equal or lesser value 50% off with the code FORMOM at checkout. 

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