Team PiperWai Gets Grateful

Team PiperWai Gets Grateful

We're barreling toward the end of this year and on to a new one. This time of year, many people are reflecting on the accomplishments and challenges that came with the past year. Some of those reflections include gratitude that comes along with the season. 

Team PiperWai is always trying our best to see the bright side and inject positivity into our brand. Sometimes, though, life comes at you fast and it's hard to stop, take a breath and think about the things you treasure most. Being grateful is connected to being mindful and we want to incorporate mindfulness more into the coming year.

For this blog, we forced ourselves to slow down and really think about all the things that make our lives full of color and joy. Here are some of the things our team and closest friends had time to reflect on.  

Sarah Ribner, Co-founder 

"I’m grateful for my entrepreneurship journey and the challenges that come along with it, which have tested my strength and resilience in ways I never imagined possible. I’m grateful for the growth and learning that comes along with being an entrepreneur. I am grateful for my support system including my family, mentors and friends, many of which have consistently been a part of my life since childhood and through college. And last but not least, I am grateful to call two cities my home, one where I was raised and started PiperWai, and the other where I grew PiperWai - a city that feels new every time I step outside, inspiring and challenging me every single day!"

Margaret Brown, PiperWai CMO

"I"m grateful for the amazing people in my life. The time I spend with them, the memories, and the energy they give me! From my husband, to my family, my bffs, and the people I know through business. Each add a certain flair to my day and life and I love to embrace it! Looking forward to another new year of adventure.

And, of course, I’m thankful for PiperWai! Because it’s just THE best."

Lindsay Patton-Carson, Vice President of Customer Engagement 

"My husband and I will be celebrating our tenth wedding anniversary in 2019 and as the milestone approaches, it makes me grateful for the path that has brought us to where we are today. We've been through a lot in the past two years: an out-of-state move, career changes and navigating life in a large city. These challenges have helped us better communicate, better support each other and appreciate and long for each other's company. 

Career-wise, I am in awe of how much I have grown and accomplished in 2018. I've started getting into public speaking (scary, but so worth it!) and working with organizations I am passionate about. When I'm not focused on PiperWai, I'm working on my monthly column for PhillyVoice, weekly social media management for Animal Avengers, as well as social media management for Miles for Migraine. Animals have been a passion since childhood and I struggle with migraine, so working with these organizations gives me a sense of pride, accomplishment and taught me a lot about animals and the disease I've had my entire adult life."

Jiyuh Kim, Vice President of Operations and Logistics

"I'm really grateful to live and work in New York City. The majority of my friends and family are here or close by, so I get to see and spend time with them often; most are just a subway ride away! NYC is also a transportation hub, so I get the benefit of being able to see friends from out of state and the country pretty often. Because the part of my life I'm most grateful for are my friendships and family, I really cherish the ability to live somewhere that connects me to them easily. I'm also grateful to know so many badass women doing really incredible things with their careers and passions, from advocating for pet adoption to starting their own businesses. They keep me inspired and hustling. And finally, I'm grateful for my one true love: food. Pizza, dumplings, pasta, Chipotle, noodles, cheese, ice cream..... All of it!"

Cassi Bee, Customer Service Associate

"I am grateful for coffee, but more importantly I am grateful for the many conversations I've had over a nice cup. While the world around us digitizes, automates and accelerates, I am grateful for the more analog, slower and personal experiences we can have as people together. I am grateful for my dogs, who offer me humor and perspective every single day. My family, chosen and set, have given me all kinds of things to think about, which reminds me that I am thankful for my able body and sound mind, as well. And I am lastly grateful to live in an inspiring city who really rallies together, wherever and whenever possible, to speak up for what they believe in. It's truly inspiring to see the advocacy and support across so many different communities and Philadelphia has slowly become my second home over the last seven years. I'm grateful for a place to call home."


Jonathan Hayes, summer 2018 PiperWai intern 

"I am super thankful for the professional experience I gained during my Summer internship at PiperWai. Believe it or not, I did not spend most of my time fetching coffee and donuts. However, I did learn a lot of crucial skills for my professional development. At PiperWai I really got a sense of what it was like to work with a team of hard working and caring individuals. Everyone I met had unique abilities and characteristics that they brought to the table to effectively work towards achieving one collective goal. I know that each member of the team truly does care about the product, and they use it on a regular basis. It was the passion my team members displayed that inspired me to put forth my best effort and I am very grateful I was able to have that experience."

Michele Schina, PiperWai CPA; outsourced controller

"I am grateful for waking up each day and getting to do what I love. I am grateful for the many beautiful family and friends in my life. I am grateful for life, and the never-ending joy it brings. I am grateful for being raised by two hardworking people that taught me that being genuine, kind and loving were really important elements to a fulfilling life."

Bridget Maugeri, PiperWai accountant 

"I am grateful for my husband who supports me in everything that I do and for my two standard poodles who bring me joy every day. I am grateful for the beautiful destinations that I have discovered over the years and those yet to be discovered. My perception of life has changed, which I am grateful for. I’ve learned to take each day and make the most of it, this has allowed me to achieve a greater sense of fulfillment."

Elyse Jokinen, PiperWai brand ambassador 

"There are a lot of reasons I am grateful for PiperWai but let's start with the most important shall we? Natural deodorant that actually works! That's what made me fall in love in the first place, it's the only one that has ever worked for me. Being able to use it everyday and not worry tops the gratitude list.

Not only that, I'm grateful to now collaborate with PiperWai as a photography ambassador. I get to expand my creativity every month making photos for a woman led, eco-friendly company I truly believe in. I was meant to see PiperWai on Shark Tank two years ago and I'm so grateful I did. Thank you PiperWai!"

(Head to to see Elyse's work!)

Ali Intravatola, fall 2018 PiperWai intern 

"Each year, I am thankful for my family, friends, and health. In 2018, I am especially thankful for the opportunities I've had to pursue my education and continue learning. Returning to school after working for several years was an adjustment (to say the least), and this year, I've been able to fully embrace each unique learning opportunity, whether a class, project, internship, or discussion with a friend. I am grateful to be in a educational program that allows me to have these experiences and also that I was in a position to take this leap to begin with. One of my favorite learning experiences so far has been the opportunity to intern here at PiperWai, where I have witnessed a strong, female team work together to promote a product and workplace that encompasses their values and share that with the world."

 Amanda Zhu, fall 2018 PiperWai intern

"I am grateful for the amazing people around me. They really know how to motivate me, make me laugh, and cheer me up. I'm especially thankful for my family, who always supports me; my friends, who I can always count on to live life to the fullest; and my boyfriend, who always pushes me to be better and travels the world with me. I am also grateful for the incredible opportunities Penn provides, such as my upcoming spring 2019 study abroad semester in France! Finally, I am grateful for my cute (and kinda crazy) cat, Piggy, who is always waiting at the door for me when I come home."

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