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Team Spotlight: Cassi Bee

Team Spotlight: Cassi Bee

 Cassi Bee had no idea the deodorant she has always needed would be a huge part of her life. Since her start date a little more than a year ago, Cassi has transformed our customer service department into a well-oiled machine. She puts together procedures that keep the department uniform and informed, as well as communication with customers in a way that is caring and empathetic. 

An animal lover and professional dog trainer, Cassi is also heavily involved in the various animal charities we partner with! We love having Cassi on our team and want to share her with you.

Who are you and what do you do at PiperWai?

I’m Cassi, often attached to my best furiend Bugsy, and I am one of the customer service associates at PiperWai. I help answer inquiries from our customers and assist with account management within our wholesale department.

That’s cool. So, what do you like about this gig?

I like learning more about different ways to live a healthier and more intentional life, plus it's been a real treat to work side by side with such inspiring and intelligent folks as the ones in this company. There are so many perspectives and personalities to get to know, and I really enjoy that. Further, PiperWai’s brand goals include sharing information about natural health and wellness, and in being part of that effort I have met so many interesting people with their own stories and anecdotes about their own natural living experiences. Being able to bring my dogs to work is a huge perk, too. ;)

Did you ever think deodorant would be such an important part of your life? 

Honestly? Not at all. I have spent the last decade working directly with animals (and sometimes their people!) whether through stablehand work, the adoptions center at a local rescue, as a doggie daycare attendant, or as a positive-reinforcement dog trainer, and while deodorant and clinical-strength antiperspirant were items I used often to keep up with the canines, I don’t think I ever considered them “important” to my day-to-day like some other things may have been. Now I find myself casually discussing manual application methods for natural deodorant and pH imbalances at happy hour. Who knew?

When did you fully commit yourself to wearing PiperWai?

My commitment to PiperWai began toward the end of 2016. For many years (since high school!), I was embarrassed by my excessive, nervous sweating until I finally accepted that I was The One with Wet Pits. I learned about PiperWai through a mutual friend of Jess’ and PiperWai was truly life changing for me. It offers me odor protection I can rely on no matter the circumstance, helps me keep my cool when my anxiety symptoms act up, and PiperWai is something I can feel good about using myself, as well as sharing information about with everyone else. When the opportunity to help spread the word about such an amazing alternative was presented, I was so happy to join the team and yell loud from the rooftops: IT WORKS! NATURALLY! No, really. Smell me.

Do you prefer the jar or the stick?

While my partner swears by the stick applicator, for its super straightforward application method, I really enjoy the jar. It's easy to put on exactly the amount you need to feel like you’ve got full coverage for the day, and rubs into your skin with this nice matte, smooth finish that makes me feel like I’m wearing nothing at all. I can also use the jar’s contents on my feet, which is a nice treat before or after a long hike. Plus, I’ve always been interested in hands-on, natural products and sticking my (clean) fingers in the jar never really bothered me much. :)


What are some achievements you are proud of?

It sounds silly, but I’m very proud of my skateboarding dog! When we adopted him, he was a possibly feral dog captured as a stray, from a very rural part of Kentucky. His foster family lived out in a small town near Lancaster, and moving to Philadelphia was a huge change for him. Everything, even his own shadow, and definitely skateboards/other strange things with wheels, scared the heck out of him. These days, I can’t keep him away from his longboard and have to hide it in the house so he doesn’t roll around the living room like a bored teenager. 

What’s your favorite animal?

I’ve been an animal lover all my life, and even subscribed to Ranger Rick magazine as a kid. I really like dogs, though. Mine especially, but all dogs, really! 

Favorite food?

All the food! If I had to pick a top three, in no particular order: burritos, breakfast, and any/all types of pasta. Also really into campfire cooking and “healthy” brownie recipes lately.


Cape Cod, MA  but I’ve lived in Philadelphia for about seven years now!

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy cooking, developing recipes, arts & crafts, and working outside in the yard. My dogs help keep me active and when autumn rolls around, we spend a lot of time hiking and exploring local — and not-so-local — landmarks and state parks. 

Tell us the most embarrassing concert you’ve ever been to.

Backstreet Boys: Millennium Tour. I made eye contact with Nick Carter while he was suspended overhead and told him I loved him. I was ten years old. I’ll never forget the ambiguous wink I received  which could have been to anyone, everyone, or a drop of sweat in his eye  like an arrow to the heart. *heart eyes emoji*

Outside of your job, what are your passions?

I care a great deal about my community and supporting the small businesses that help it flourish.

I really care a lot about Misfit Manor, an amazing organization focused on helping pet owners experiencing homelessness to care for and keep their pets, as well as the rescue and rehabilitation of animals without people of their own. Some of their residents are temporary, some are adoptable, and some are going to be considered “misfits” forever, but all of them are loved and looked after like one of the founder’s very own. Want to become involved in Misfit Manor's efforts? Click the link to learn more! 

Want to be done now?

Oh, it’s over already? Follow @bugsyxbee on Instagram to keep up with our shenanigans!

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