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Team Spotlight: Lindsay Patton-Carson

Team Spotlight: Lindsay Patton-Carson

Lindsay is PiperWai’s version of “the man behind the curtain.” Except she’s a woman, and this is Philadelphia, not Oz. What we mean by this is that it’s Lindsay’s job to cultivate the brand voice you see in customer correspondence, social media, blogs, newsletters, you name it. She oversees the customer service department, working with two badass individuals to make our customer service experience the best of all time. (It’s a very ambitious department.) Anytime you interact with PiperWai, Lindsay and her team have something to do with it.

Before coming to PiperWai, Lindsay started her career as a journalist and editor, moving into content creation and management for brands. She had her fun going to music festivals and interviewing musicians and has since swapped that life for spa expos, entrepreneur events and social media conferences. (When you’re in your 30s, getting free serums becomes much more exciting than free concert tickets.)

Learn more about Lindsay, her most embarrassing concert and favorite professional achievements.

Who are you and what do you do at PiperWai?
I’m Lindsay, VP of customer engagement at PiperWai. I manage our growing customer service team, as well as everything the customer sees. This includes the customer service inbox, all our social media channels, our blog and our newsletters. For the past two years, I’ve worked with Jess and Sarah on cultivating our brand voice and implementing a social media strategy. When I joined the team full time in 2017, I helped grow our department, provide a better customer service experience, launched our blog and added on new social media profiles.

That’s cool. So, what do you like about this gig?
Before I started, I thought writing was the only thing I was good at. Being in this role has revealed skills and talents I didn’t know I had. For example, I’m great at bringing fun, innovative strategies to our brand communication and making our customers feel like they’re talking to an actual person with a sense of humor and personality. I also love to troll people on Twitter. 

Did you ever think deodorant would be such an important part of your life?
Never. I have a journalism background and thought I’d be a writer my entire life. Social media swooped in and had different plans for me, which is great, because everything I’m doing at PiperWai is a learning experience and new use of my skills. The career growth I’ve seen in my first year here has been incredible and I’ve been enjoying connecting with passionate customers and contributing more in-house content for the company.

When did you fully commit yourself to wearing PiperWai?
March 2016 was when I was first introduced to PiperWai. I was working at a marketing firm and was the project manager on PiperWai’s account. Jess and Sarah sent over some jars and I was immediately hooked. I am strict about purchasing only cruelty-free cosmetics and all the natural deodorants I had previously tried weren’t effective. I had to balance out what was worse: smelly pits or harm to animals. I chose smelly pits.

Do you prefer the jar or the stick?
Jar, because it’s so nostalgic. It was the only product available when I was introduced to PiperWai, so I associate it with good memories. Applying deodorant with my hands was surprising at first, but after using it for months, I loved the routine of putting my deodorant on with my hands and rubbing in the excess product. I have eczema, and it’s gentle and non-irritating on my skin and makes my hands smell nice.

What are professional achievements you are proud of?
Oh, there are A LOT. At 25, I became the managing editor of a regional entertainment guide in Michigan. I had a lot of creative freedom with editorial, managed dozens of writers and interns and covered regional music festivals. Since then, my writing has been in The Huffington Post, Jezebel, One Green Planet, Bust, Girlboss and more. (I am still an active freelance writer. Hire me!)

I’m also really proud of the way I’ve been able to manage my role at Piperwai, including launching the company’s blog, making our customer service interactions more personal and implementing an effective social media strategy. I’m really fortunate to have such a rich career history at a young age.

What’s your favorite animal?
Dolphins and dogs, especially my two menace dogs, Bowie (left) and Dax (right). But really, aren’t all animals special and beautiful in their own way?

Favorite food?
This is an embarrassment to our health-centric company, but I could eat pizza and ice cream for the rest of my life and be happy. Jess told me to be myself, and “myself” is eating a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked and an entire pizza every week.

White Lake, Michigan. (Insert smug comment about handling the cold.)

What are your hobbies?
Petting dogs, going on the internet, acquiring useless pop culture information, slowly reading books, going to resale shops and running when the weather is convenient. Really nothing of any value.

Tell us the most embarrassing concert you’ve ever been to.
I have a philosophy about pop culture: nobody should be ashamed about the things that bring them joy. That being said, Ashlee Simpson and Ninja Turtles Live.

Outside of your job, what are your passions?
I am a big animal lover and am invested in animal welfare, whether it’s volunteering, donating money, writing activism and awareness pieces, going meatless and purchasing cruelty-free products. I also care deeply about gender equality and supporting other women and nonbinary individuals with whatever resources I have. I’m always looking to learn more about these passions so I can be a better feminist and animal lover. If you have any book or documentary recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

Want to be done now?
I literally wrote all these questions, so I get to decide when this thing ends. Which is now. Also, follow me on Twitter: @LindsayPatton.

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