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Why Apply Deodorant With Your Hands?

Why Apply Deodorant With Your Hands?

By Cassi Bee

Perhaps the most common question with our original product (besides if it actually works) is how to use the deodorant without an applicator. For anyone who has used traditional antiperspirants or non-natural deodorants, our stick applicator is a more familiar option, but it wasn’t our first. Instead, we started with our jar, which requires a manual application. We know. Applying deodorant with your hands? WTF? Hear us out, though. Because once you get into the habit of using our jar, you’ll never want to go back to the traditional application. 

Self Care 

It can be tough to find time to slow down and take care of ourselves sometimes. Having a routine that requires a little extra attention means you’re giving that extra attention to *you.* Sounds nice, right? 

Everyday grooming is a form of self-care, and there are many reasons why PiperWai fits perfectly into a daily self-care routine. The scent is spa-like (we have our unique blend of 11 essential oils to thank for that) and the application process is a lovely experience of self-nurturing and self-care that you can recreate every day (or slip away to at lunch for a quick touch-up). Not only are you getting a soothing aroma while applying, but because of the intimate nature of this application, you get to know your body better and become comfortable with it as well.


One of the coolest parts about our jar is its versatility. Because of the consistency and method for application, its easy to use this product just about anywhere that you may need some extra odor control. (As long as it’s externally!) This means you can use a little bit between your toes, on your chest, under your breasts, on your knee armpits or even rub the excess from application right into your hands if you experience sweat in that area. Just one more pro to manually-applied deo!

Personalized Use

By using your hands to apply deodorant, you’re able to control the amount of product going on at each application. For folks who sweat a little more than most, or anyone who experiences that particular type of stress-sweat, this can be an important part of controlling your body odor. If you need just a little touch-up after a rough morning meeting, you can sneak into the bathroom and quickly rub some in to help neutralize odor and protect your clothes a bit against excess sweat.

Check-in (breast exam)

While women are more frequently diagnosed with breast cancer than men overall, both men and women can be at certain risk for this type of cancer, though antiperspirant is not necessarily to blame, which is often a misconception when comparing antiperspirants to deodorants. One way to be ahead of this possibility is to give yourself regular self-exams by lifting one arm and using the opposite hand to press gently around the area of your breast tissue and then repeating this process on the alternate side. If there are any unusual bumps, lumps or swollen areas, you’ll want to bring this information to your doctor. 

Because our products use only all-natural ingredients, you can be sure the deodorant going onto your skin will not leech harmful chemicals or parabens into your lymphatic system, and while you’re nearby, you can move a few inches over and check in on your body from time to time. This adds a healthy, proactive practice to your regular routine that you wouldn't even think of if you were using an applicator for your deodorant instead of your hands!

Kid Friendly

Applying by hand is also an easy way to get your children or teenagers interested in a natural deodorant option. We say all the time that our jar is much like Sculpey or Play-Doh and just like kids like to get their hands dirty with these types of toys, they can keep their pits healthy and clean with a squish-and-smear each morning. Having kids apply deodorant with their hands also helps them understand how much they need to apply in order to have success and gives them a body-positive way of grooming. Adolescents are going through many changes within their body around the time they need to start wearing deodorant, so being hands-on helps them get comfortable with their changing bodies. 

*If there are concerns about allergies for any of our ingredients, we suggest talking with your doctor first and always monitoring younger ones when using PiperWai.

 What are you waiting for? Get your hands on our jar. 

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