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Why You Should Use PiperWai's Jar Natural Deodorant

Why You Should Use PiperWai's Jar Natural Deodorant

Many of you know PiperWai by our original, jarred deodorant, which was the first-ever, all-natural deodorant to include activated charcoal as a primary ingredients. The “mintrusy” (minty+citrusy=mintrusy) smelling, light grey putty was initially whipped up by founder Jess out of a personal need for a product that was not only all-natural, but undeniably effective and non-irritating. After trying just about everything out there (including clinical antiperspirant!) and getting literally burned from the high baking soda content, she put some careful thought into what might work without sacrificing efficacy or personal health. (Learn more about the unhealthy effects of traditional antiperspirants here!)

Through trial and error, and many more trials, Jess played around with ingredients, making sure the baking soda content was low enough to not irritate sensitive skin. She shared her nearly perfect version with her very best friend, founder Sarah, before a service trip Sarah was taking to Costa Rica. In love with the idea, but skeptical of every natural deodorant after her own disappointing experiences, Sarah took a chance when she tossed her antiperspirant and brought only a jar of Jess’ homemade deodorant with her.

Not only was the deodorant extremely effective in Philadelphia’s generally temperate weather, it beat the heat AND the body odor in Costa Rica’s tropical climate. Sarah was impressed, and a number of other volunteers were interested. Right away, Sarah knew she and Jess had to work hard to get this product into the hands (and underarms) of everyone they knew.

With some brainstorming, troubleshooting, and many nights in the community kitchen together, the Forbes 30 Under 30-winning duo finally developed a formula that is, well, the holy grail: PiperWai is an all-natural, cruelty-free, gluten-free, vegan product that doesn’t include any talc, sulfates, aluminum, parabens, or GMOs. Not only that, but our glass jar and its ingredients are entirely food grade (though we don’t recommend eating any…)


So… why PiperWai? If the reasons above haven’t gotten you interested yet, consider these points:

  • It’s super safe!
    In addition to using only food-or-medical-grade ingredients, we have a nontoxic, healthy rating from the Environmental Working Group's database. The EWG is a nonprofit that researches toxic chemicals and consumer health and has put together a cosmetics safety database for consumer reference.
  • Incredibly effective!
    Most deodorants (even some natural ones!) pack their products with fragrances that mask your body odor. PiperWai uses a considerate match-up of ingredients that works for your body, not against it, helping to neutralize odors instead of just covering them up.
  • All-inclusive!
    We believe having a healthy choice for your body should be available to EVERY body. PiperWai is a gender-neutral, spa-scented, all-natural option for anyone and everyone who may be interested in clean, fresh pits.
  • Activated Charcoal!
    Speaking of pits, this isn’t your everyday, barbecue charcoal. The American hardwood, activated charcoal we use in our deodorant is a medicinal-grade charcoal and has the power to absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight!

And perhaps our most-asked question about the jar… How?! See the tips, tricks and videos below to get a few ideas on how to best use PiperWai:

Before first use, we suggest giving your jar a good “squish” to mix any ingredients that may have separated in transit. We don’t use any artificial stabilizers in our product so, just like natural peanut butter, PiperWai sometimes needs to be manipulated a little to re-incorporate ingredients and restore its texture.

To apply PiperWai, we suggest taking a small, pea-sized amount from the jar and rolling it briefly between your fingers to soften the putty. Then, using all of your fingertips, press the putty into your underarm and rub until clear and matte. If product transfer occurs, no worries! Those deodorant marks are easily removed with a damp cloth.

We always recommend applying PiperWai with clean, dry hands to clean, dry underarms. Even just a bit of dampness at application can render the activated charcoal less effective throughout the day. If you need to reapply midday, no worries! Just make sure to apply to dry pits, which may require a quick wipe with a paper towel or tissue before application.

Sweatin’ in other spots, too? The jar is perfect for multi-use, thanks to its manual application. As a friendly reminder, PiperWai is intended for external use only, but due to its gentle ingredients PiperWai can be used on hands, feet, or anyplace else you might need some odor protection.

Ready to take the leap and go all natural? Order a jar today! 

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