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Why Use PiperWai's Stick Natural Deodorant

Why Use PiperWai's Stick Natural Deodorant

PiperWai fans are pretty committed once they get a glob of the silky putty in their pits but one common question surrounding the jar product was: “What if I don’t want to use my hands?”

Well... what if?

Most folks were ready to make the switch after hearing the health, wellness and odor-protection pitch… but maybe not quite ready to use their digits for daily application. In an effort to answer that persistent question and still offer the same safe, all-natural protection PiperWai packs into that little glass jar, the stick applicator was developed and released at the end of 2016.

Steps Toward the Stick

Our small team of big brains got together and worked on a formula that would offer all-day odor protection while still being healthy, safe and hands-free. It took a few rounds of trial and error but eventually the inclusion of a vegan, plant-based candelilla wax turned out to be the answer to convenience and quick application - one to two swift,  light swipes under each arm is more than enough for application and protection all day.

Why the Stick?

So… why PiperWai?

Both the stick applicator and the jar have the same trusted PiperWai ingredients that help make our deodorant an effective, all-natural option, with a slight tweak for consistency reasons. For example, the stick applicator uses vegan wax, whereas the jar uses cocoa butter. You can learn more about each product's individual ingredients at if you're interested!

  • It’s super safe and considerate!
    In addition to using only food and medical-grade ingredients, we have a nontoxic, healthy rating from the Environmental Working Group's database. The EWG is a nonprofit that researches toxic chemicals and consumer health and has put together a cosmetics safety database for consumer reference. PiperWai’s ingredients are also ethically sourced and certified vegan.
  • Incredibly convenient!
    Our stick applicator offers a much more familiar application style, with a quick swipe instead of scooping, followed by hand application. This makes PiperWai a convenient, all-natural option for EVERY body.
  • Activated Charcoal!
    Speaking of pits, this isn’t your everyday, barbecue charcoal. The American hardwood, activated charcoal we use in our deodorant is a medicinal grade (the kind used for gastrointestinal upset) and has the power to absorb up to 1,000 times its own weight to help bust odor and give you the confidence you expect from an all-natural deodorant.

How to Apply 

To apply PiperWai’s stick deodorant, we suggest just one-to-two light swipes under each arm. If you find there is excess product on the surface of your skin after application, we suggest rubbing it in with your fingertips or using a tissue or paper towel to remove any excess.

Traditional antiperspirants require you to lay it on thick, but all that does is block your pores, stuff up your sinuses with synthetic fragrance, and can even cause more perspiration. Just a quick swipe of PiperWai is all you need!

We always recommend applying PiperWai to clean, dry underarms. Even just a bit of dampness at application can render the activated charcoal less effective throughout the day. If you need to reapply midday, no worries! Just make sure to apply to dry pits, which may require a quick wipe with a paper towel or tissue before application. Don’t forget to rub in any excess product to prevent product transfer at reapplication.

Want to give the stick applicator a try? Use code STICKPOST at checkout for 15% your next stick applicator purchase through May 31, 2018! 

*PiperWai returns are limited to true dermatologic reactions and cannot be offered for personal preferences.

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