Why There Are No Shortcuts to Achieving Lasting Beauty

The beauty industry is saturated with products that offer quick fixes and short-term glow-ups. Some folks even jump on more extreme trends in search of achieving lasting beauty and book themselves in for repeat cosmetic surgical procedures.

However, true lasting beauty isn’t something you can achieve with a Botox needle or an anti-cellulite solution. Real beauty is only possible if you foreground your health and take care of your well-being for years.

Adopting a healthy routine can help you feel better about yourself, too. This is crucial, as it’s much easier to keep up a beauty routine when you have great self-esteem and care about achieving a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Beauty and Your Health

A great beauty routine can be the backbone of your lifestyle. When you set goals related to your appearance, you may find that you’re more likely to feel motivated to drink water, exercise regularly, and get enough sleep. Setting lifestyle-related goals can help you avoid damaging quick fixes which may lead to issues like:

  • Surface Solutions: These can interfere with your skin’s protective barrier and cause inflammation and irritation.
  • Ingredient Overloading: High-concentration solutions can interact with one another in unintended ways. This can cause flaky, red, raw skin.
  • Skin Conditions: Harsh chemicals can cause conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and rosacea. This is sure to undermine your health and cause stress if you’re focused on achieving inner and outer beauty.

Rather than relying on quick fixes, focus on health-promoting lifestyle changes. Daily habits, like gentle moisturizing, regular exercise, proper hydration, and a healthy diet keep your skin healthy and strengthen the protective barrier that your epidermis provides.

Adopting a health-conscious beauty routine can improve your mental wellbeing, too. When you cleanse, moisturize, or clean your skin you are effectively giving yourself a mini-spa. This gives you an opportunity to cultivate a more mindful approach to life and set goals related to your health, beauty, and well-being.

If you’re new to the idea of health-related beauty routines, set realistic goals that foreground the importance of consistency and gradual improvements. This can help you age with grace and combat stress when life throws up unexpected challenges.

Self-esteem and Social Media

Self-esteem and beauty share a synergistic relationship. When you feel good about yourself, you’re far more likely to move through the world with the kind of grace and confidence associated with real beauty. However, if you’re following folks who promote gimmicks and trends, you may find that your self-esteem takes a knock.

If you’ve been feeling low recently, consider following social media profiles that promote a positive understanding of beauty. Unlike traditional media platforms, many social media influencers foreground body positivity and use their platform to be honest about their beauty routines and appearance. This can be a welcome break if you’re constantly bombarded by unrealistic beauty standards in adverts and magazines.

Following body-positive, health-conscious folks online can help you start your own beauty journey, too. After you’ve found a few influencers with a positive approach to beauty, scroll through their feeds and pay attention to the habits they’ve formed. You’ll likely notice that they’ve been preaching the importance of sleep, hydration, and exercise for months — if not years. This can motivate you to start your own healthy habits and establish a healthier relationship with cosmetic treatments.

Healthy Habits

Forming healthy habits takes time and effort. However, simple habits that promote greater health and well-being should be at the core of your beauty routine. You don’t have to become a CrossFit athlete to lead a healthy life, either. Instead, focus on small steps for a healthier life, like:

  • Drink 11.5 fluid cups of water per day
  • Buy fruit and keep it close at hand to hit your daily target
  • Sleep for 7 - 9 hours per night every night
  • Take deep breaths and find time to meditate during the day
  • Engage in exercise routines that you enjoy — you’re far more likely to stick with a regime you authentically love

When striving for improved health and lasting beauty, try to set aside fast food and sugary snacks. These foods are sure to undermine your beauty and your skin as they are high in sugar, trans fat, and sodium. Eating too frequently can lead to headaches, acne, bloating, and unwanted weight gain. Calorie-dense fast foods are low in nutrients and may increase your cholesterol levels.


Lasting beauty is more than skin deep. However, if you want to live a healthier, happier life, you’ll need to make some serious lifestyle changes. Start by forming simple habits, like drinking more water and exercising more frequently.

This will give you a mental health boost and help improve your self-esteem. Over time, this will motivate you to adopt a lifestyle that foregrounds your wellness and helps you get more from cosmetic treatments like lathers, scented deodorants, and body washes.