Piperwai Coupons

Saving money will never go out of style. That’s why we have a couple coupon options for our frugal friends. New to PiperWai? You get a PiperWai discount just for giving us a try!

With PiperWai, there is nothing to lose. We know how baking-soda-heavy natural deodorants can be irritating and noneffective. That’s not the case with us! We are confident you will fall in love with your new essential that is effective, absorbent and gentle on sensitive skin. 

With our promo code and subscribe-and-save options, you get to sample PiperWai at a lower price and stop your natural deodorant search once and for all.

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Subscribe & Save
Choose a jar or stick and click the "Recurring order" option. This will get you 10 percent off your first and all following subscription orders. More info in our FAQ.
Get 15 percent off your first order from piperwai.com by entering FIRST15OFF at checkout. Cannot be combined with subscribe & save discount.