“wearing @PiperWai deodorant. It’s been over 12 hours and my armpits haven’t even been wet yet. Is this stuff real? #happy” – @claudiastclaire

“I used the deodorant today for the first time and it is really fantastic. I am a COPIOUS sweater and usually, if I don’t wear antiperspirant I sweat all over the place and if I wear nothing I STINK by the end of the day. Today I did neither. I was shocked. I think you’d have an easy time selling this to breastfeeding moms. I’m seriously impressed.” – Daisy Eagan

“I never found a natural option for my deodorant that I liked until Piperwai. It smells great and does a great job even when I’m at the gym or playing rock shows.” – Sarah Donner

“I bought a jar of Piperwai after a friend had recommended you and I’m so glad I did! No more itchy armpits after shaving, no gross sweating through my deodorant, no build-up of residue, no more ingrown hair! I don’t have to reapply half way through my day. I’m odor free from 6 am until bed time. I’m a life time customer! Thank you so much for this fabulous natural alternative!” -Heathyr A.

 “PiperWai Deodorant is awesome. I am the head trainer and owner of Valley Forge Fitness. We have year round boot camps and that means I’m out in the summer sweating right along side our boot campers. I run a tight schedule and don’t always have time to shower between training sessions and often find that I had to “freshen up” my deodorant between boot camp and personal training sessions. With PiperWai I can go all day and not have to worry about if I smell or not. I’m so hooked I’ve told all my clients and they want to try it too!” –Jerry Washington

“I’ve completely switched to your deodorant I like it a lot. I don’t sweat as much anymore…it’s so odd! But, I’m not complaining.” -Yoshi P.

“My mom and I have been using your deodorant all week in Florida…we’re amazed at how well it works!!! It’s so great. I will be a returning customer!” -Abby C.

“My pits don’t itch after shaving anymore! I didn’t realize how sensisitve I was to antiperspirant until switching to PiperWai. I can’t wait to buy more!” -Emily A.

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