3 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Natural Products

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Written by: Holly Allen


More than ever, consumers have become more meticulous about the ingredients in all the products they use. This is more common among people who are adopting healthy lifestyles. However, some are still skeptical about this trend, citing the price difference and brand solidity. But if you look closer, you’ll discover how a minor decision, such as switching to a natural deodorant, has enormous effects.

1. Avoid Harmful Effects of Additives

There is a long list of potentially harmful additives, including parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), Polyethylene glycol (PEG), and artificial fragrance. Here’s a list of common additives in personal products.

Multiple studies have indicated that these ingredients can cause skin irritation, allergy, and hormonal disruption. Research has also linked phthalates to lower IQs.  

By switching to natural products, you can avoid exposure to these ingredients. Although there’s still debate surrounding the ingredients above, it would be wiser not to gamble your health.

According to Directappliancerentals.com.au CEO Karina Wolfin, there are times when topical products enter the bloodstream without undergoing metabolism. For this reason, we have to be cautious of what we put on our skin.

2. Less Environmental Impact

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Many artificial ingredients frequently used in cosmetic products require extensive mining, destroying soil structure and wildlife habitats. But unlike petroleum-based ingredients, natural ones are extracted from cultivated plants. 

Moreover, most nature-inspired companies obtain their ingredients from sustainable sources. Some of them, such as PiperWai, use recycled plastic as packaging materials

Aside from considerations at the manufacturing and packaging level, natural products do not contain microplastics, harming aquatic life. If we don’t take proactive steps towards sustainability, there will be more plastic waste in our oceans than fishes in 30 years.

3. Ethical and Social Processes

Natural products are often affiliated with small and medium enterprises (SMEs), which means production is local. More localized production means a shorter supply chain.

Sourcing of ingredients from local farming communities has become common among natural brands. Through these collaborations, the socio-economic conditions of such communities are improved while ensuring that ethical practices are observed. Learn more about sustainable sourcing here.

PiperWai aims to redefine everyday hygiene products by using natural, cruelty-free, and certified vegan ingredients from sustainable sources. As a brand that values diversity and conscientiousness, our deodorant is gender-neutral and safe for all ages. So, check out our shop now and be part of Earth’s healing process.