Works naturally.

Meet PiperWai: Beginning with the first charcoal deodorant to neutralize odor and absorb wetness, PiperWai is redefining the future of clean everyday essentials.

Natural Deodorant

PiperWai is a natural deodorant made without harmful ingredients like triclosan, aluminum, and synthetic fragrances. This charcoal deodorant, with its creamy texture, is natural and forms an invisible, absorbent, pH-balanced shield on your underarms that neutralizes odor and protects your clothes from perspiration. And it’s perfect for use on sensitive skin.

Activated Charcoal
Absorbs Wetness
Super-absorbent activated charcoal keeps you dry and odorless.
Neutralizes Odor
Creates a pH-balanced environment that keeps you smelling fresh.
Gentle on
Sensitive Skin
Packed with skin-conditioning ingredients that won’t cause irritation.
Certified Vegan
Cruelty Free
Made in the USA
"Wearing @PiperWai. It's been over 12 hours and my armpits haven't even been wet yet. Is this stuff real? #happy"
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