Investing in & Nurturing Yourself

An investment in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. Setting aside some “me” time can help you unwind after a long day and freshening up your wardrobe with a trip to the mall can help you reinvent your sense of self.

Investing in yourself needn’t mean you break the bank, either. Simple changes to your lifestyle, like journaling in your free time, can increase your self-efficacy and help you present a more confident persona to the world.

However, you may feel guilty about investing in yourself if you’re used to putting others first. This is entirely normal, as many people mistakenly believe they have to choose between caring for other people or taking care of themselves.

Reject this faulty paradigm and care for yourself as much as you care for others. This will refresh your energy reserves and make you a more attentive partner, parent, and coworker.

Importance of Self-Care

Self-care is often overlooked in our busy, materialistic world. However, investing in your own health and well-being is a surefire way to boost your confidence and bring out your inner beauty. Today, more young people are investing in self-care by undertaking practices like:

  • Apps: Mobile apps like Mindful and Calm can help you meditate and unwind. They also offer helpful coping tools should life start to get you down.
  • Pets: Feline friends and canine companions can boost your well-being and help you put life into perspective. Caring for another being can improve your self-efficacy, too.
  • Supplements: Supplementing your diet can help avoid deficiencies and improve your well-being. Common supplements like vitamin D are relatively cheap, too.
  • Exercise: We all need to work up a sweat sometimes. Doing so releases dopamine into your blood and helps protect you against common colds and chronic illnesses.

These self-care activities can improve your confidence and help you lead a healthier, happier life. Taking some time for yourself can boost your resilience and help you take up other health-boosting activities, too.


The way you dress is a reflection of your inner self. While you don’t have to dress like a celebrity at all times, you should consider investing in your wardrobe a few times a year.

If you’re working to a budget, consider making clothing investments that will last for years. This will save you plenty of cash in the long run, as you won’t have to constantly replace workout sweaters or shoes that fall apart after a few months. Get started with purchases like:

  • Jeans: Jeans go with almost anything and are more hardy than most materials. Just be sure to wash them in cold water and dry them on the line. This will preserve them for longer and help you achieve that classic faded look.
  • Jackets: Layering with jackets can keep you warm and add flair to your fashion. Brands like Carhartt and Ariat are durable, too, meaning you can continue to wear them for multiple winters without fear.
  • Boots: A good pair of boots will outlast any pair of sneakers. Well-sized boots can be worn to work and more formal occasions, too. This means you save money on footwear while wearing something that reflects your values.
  • Belts: A fashionable belt can bring your whole look together. Well-crafted belts and buckles can be worn for years and are less likely to crack if you take proper care of them.

Investing in your clothing can help you stand out from the crowd and save you cash. Accessory items like belts can glam up any outfit, too, and help bring out your best features. Consider setting aside a budget for these statement pieces, as they may be a little more expensive than your usual purchase.

Skin and Dental Care

A good skincare routine is a staple of self-care. Investing in moisturizers, lotions, and deodorants is a sign that you’re willing to invest in yourself to promote your own wellness, too. If you’re new to self-care, start with a basic skincare routine like:

  • Cleanser: Unclogs pores and removes makeup
  • Toner: Replenish skin through hydration and remove dead cells
  • Antioxidant Serum: Reduces redness and wrinkles
  • Moisturizer: Prevents blemishes and cracked skin
  • Night Cream: Aids with skin repair while you sleep

Be sure to patch-test products before applying them to your face. This will prevent allergic reactions and help you figure out if a product is right for you. Be aware that cleansers may bring out spots for a limited time while your skin adjusts. Just be sure to use high-quality products, as these usually contain the ingredients you actually need.

Make sure you check in with your dentist a few times a year. Regular deep cleaning will keep your teeth white and may even help you identify conditions like diabetes early. If you decide to get braces or cosmetic dental work, shop around for a style that suits you and your smile, and practice diligent aftercare after the procedure.


Investing in yourself is a great way to improve your well-being and boost your self-efficacy. Just be sure to opt for high-quality products when possible, as they’ll last longer and be more effective than cheaper alternatives. If you’re working with a tight budget, consider setting aside more time for reflective meditation sessions and cost-effective supplements like vitamin D tablets.