natural deodorant cream

PiperWai's original Natural Deodorant Cream has a creamy paste-like formula applied by hand. Simply scoop a pea-sized amount and massage it onto your skin until it disappears--like magic!

natural deodorant stick

Our Natural Deodorant Stick is perfect for those who love the old-fashioned application. Simply swipe the stick under your arms once or twice for peak performance. It melts into your skin, providing long-lasting odor control.

versatile and effortless

With its easy-to-rub-in formulation, PiperWai's Deodorant Cream applies seamlessly, leaving no residue. Experience the versatility as it can be used externally on different parts of the body, ensuring all-day freshness.

clothing-friendly cleanup

If any product gets on your clothes, simply grab a damp towel and effortlessly wipe it away. Say goodbye to those tough-to-remove stain caused by traditional deodorants. PiperWai keeps your wardrobe looking fresh and clean.

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