6 Herbs That Will Change Every Woman's Life

When it comes to health, nothing compares to the power of the benevolent mother nature. Natural aids such as herbs and spices provide a safe and effective alternative to treat several ailments and introduce therapeutic benefits. 

There is an abundance of herbs that promise incredible benefits, particularly to various aspects of women's wellness. These plants have been an innate part of traditional medicine & natural products in several parts of the globe for their impeccable properties to ease menstrual problems, menopausal symptoms, and several related conditions.

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Here we will explore six herbs that are a woman's best friend. These herbs can guide the path to good health and happy life. 

1. Vitex

Vitex or popularly referred to as chaste berry is among the most potent herbs for women's health. The supplements typically contain extracts from the fruits or seeds of the plant. They have proven useful to influence hormone levels in the body. 

Research suggests that the herb induces prolactin in the system that helps to balance progesterone and estrogen levels. It thus helps to balance the many symptoms of PMS, such as mood swings, irritability, and discomfort. It has been a part of some traditional medicines practices to regulate ovulation and enhance fertility as well. 

You can utilize tinctures or capsules of the herb regularly to curb the extreme effects of PMS and promote regular cycles.  

2. Kratom 

The growing popularity of kratom across the globe is due to the excellent health benefits possible from using the incredible herb. Indigenous to the South East Asian countries, the plant exhibits properties to curb pain, inflammation and enhance emotional wellbeing. 

Kratom in powdered form.

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The analgesic effects of strains such as red elephant bulk kratom can help treat chronic pain conditions, backache, and headache during menstrual cycles. It is a trusted kratom powder that helps in many ways. The plant increases endorphin and enkephalin production in the system to reduce pain perception to comfort the user. 

Insomnia, anxiety, stress, cramps are common during premenstrual times. Kratom increases serotonin production in the body to help soothe and calm your nerves. A regular dosage of the herb can effectively reduce anxiety and improve overall mood. 

Kratom in the form of a tea or capsule can also increase the energy level to keep you active and happy throughout the day. 

3. Elderberry 

Indigestion and bloating are common problems among women during menstrual cycles and menopause. It could lead to severe discomfort and weight loss. Research suggests that using elderberries can introduce necessary levels of fiber to improve digestion. It can also curb gas and constipation and reduce bloating. 

Elderberries are also a rich choice for boosting immunity naturally. Drinking a cup of elderberry tea every day can reduce inflammation, fight infections, and curb PMS symptoms in women.  

4. Maca

Maca refers to a root vegetable known for increasing energy and stamina in users. The herb can thus effectively support and healthy libido among women. 

Two pieces of Maca Root.

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Studies also suggest that the Maca can naturally enhance women’s fertility by maintaining optimum reproductive hormones in the system. It is, therefore, a potent aid for women trying to conceive. The herb is commonly available in powder form and has nutty flavors. You can add it to your smoothies, shakes, oatmeal, and fresh juice to experience the many benefits. 

5. Red Clover

Red clover has long supported women's health and menstrual wellness. As a rich source of phytoestrogens, the herb forms an innate part of the menopausal diet to reduce symptoms and have a relatively comfortable transition. The induced compounds can help women cope with hot flashes, energy loss, mood swings, irritability by balancing the system’s hormones. 

Red Clover also promotes detoxification to rid of metabolic wastes in the body. It can support enhanced skin health by influencing the lymphatic functions of the body. Studies also suggest that the herb can reduce the loss of Bone Mineral Density in women to alleviate the risk of developing osteoporosis. 

Red clover supplements are available in the market for regular dosage. Women experiencing menopause symptoms can also consume tea brewed with dried flower tops for exceptional benefits. 

6. Red Raspberry Leaf

The gorgeous hues of raspberries in your diet can provide the optimal dose of antioxidants to the body for gorgeous skin and good health. But did you know red raspberry leaves also have potential benefits to women

Red Rasberry Leaf still attached to the vine

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Adding red raspberry leaves to the diet can be the best way for women to relieve heavy menstrual cramps and period pain. The leaves contain an alkaloid known as fragrine. The compound can relax the uterine muscles. It helps to reduce the intensity of menstrual cramps to provide immediate relief. 

Also, the tannins present in the herb are a powerful aid to strengthen the uterus. This way, the leaf can reduce heavy bleeding during cycles and eliminate irregular bleeding and bloating problems. Raspberry leaf tea is the most common form of introducing the herb for women's wellness. You can use it every day during your menstrual cycles for the best benefits.  


These are some of the most potent herbs that can influence good health among women. Remember, herbal remedies may induce specific side effects such as allergies in some cases. Therefore it is advisable to start with small test doses to ensure you use them safely. 

Some herbs may not be the best choice to consume during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Consult your physician and discuss the same before you start a dosage for the best benefits.