Building Trust & Loyalty: Real Stories from Real Customers!

As the makers of natural deodorants and underarm care products, PiperWai has earned a reputation for quality and effectiveness. Our customers are the backbone of our business, and their feedback is invaluable in helping us create products that cater to their needs and preferences. 

A few months ago, we conducted a survey to find out our customers' favorite PiperWai product, and the response was overwhelmingly positive! Today, we want to share some of the reviews we received from our satisfied customers, including Kayla, Briana, and Megan, and highlight what makes our products so popular among our community.

Kayla S. learned about PiperWai while watching the popular TV show Shark Tank. The product immediately grabbed her attention, so she placed an order and has been a customer ever since! When we asked her which PiperWai product she swears by, she said, "I wanted to use an all-natural deodorant that worked. PiperWai is that product. Ever since I bought my first jar of PiperWai, I have never not been satisfied/never looked for another deodorant brand. Sidenote: I used it throughout two pregnancies, and really appreciated feeling like it was safe to use. My favorite will always be the natural deodorant cream in the jar. However, In recent years, I've given the stick a try and I like that, too!"

Briana first learned about PiperWai from watching Shark Tank, but it wasn't until 2018 that she made the switch to natural deodorant. When we asked her about her favorite PiperWai product, she wrote, "The Underarm Oil is a lifesaver especially since I easily get rashes on my armpits which is extremely uncomfortable. Knowing that this simple step keeps me feeling fresh and keeps my skin protected has been so transformative in how I protect and moisturize my skin. I also use it on my legs, thighs and bikini line after shaving."

Megan S. also discovered PiperWai through Shark Tank. We reached out to her to ask which PiperWai product she loves the most, and here's what she shared - "I wear natural deodorant due to all the chemicals in other deodorants but had trouble finding one that actually worked well. I think I tried over 20 before finding out about PiperWai. After trying PiperWai I've never looked back. It worked miracles!"

Hearing from our satisfied customers about their favorite PiperWai products has been an incredible experience! From Kayla's unwavering loyalty to Briana's switch to natural deodorant and Megan S.'s appreciation for the quality of our products, we are grateful to have such a supportive community. We hope that these reviews have inspired you to try PiperWai for yourself and experience the benefits of our all-natural, effective products. 

In addition to providing effective, natural products, PiperWai is also committed to sustainability. We are excited to introduce new refillable options like refillable jar & refillable stick (coming soon) to our customers, which will help to reduce waste and promote more eco-friendly habits. By offering refills for our most popular products, we hope to continue receiving the same love and support from our loyal customers that we've enjoyed for years. Thank you to all of our customers for their continued support and trust in PiperWai.