Can Deodorant Put You to Sleep at Night?

By Bella Bright

When it comes to improving our sleep, we go all out with our sleep environment-- the mattress, pillows, and the bedsheets. However, there is one other thing that we need to pay attention to-- our hygiene.

Since ancient times, people have been addressing hygiene in many different ways. Before we had unlimited access to clean water, ancient people have been practicing proper hygiene. Well, during those times, deodorants cover their musky odor instead of preventing odor-causing bacteria.

Egyptians are known to have invented perfumed baths, the modern-day equivalent of a spa visit, and wear generous amounts of oils and perfumes, especially on their underarms, to mask unpleasant odor. Of course, back then, they are not that well versed about the life cycle of bacteria and how to best get rid of them. So, they have to reapply as needed to cover the smell.

Should You Wear Deodorant at Night?

Wearing deodorant is like a blanket of security. You know you won’t sweat, and you won’t, err, stink throughout the day.

Wearing deodorant is triggered by a habit, and is coupled by a few more habits that we didn’t necessarily memorize, but often do it in the same order over and over again. We brush and floss, wear perfume, put lotion on, remove or ready the skin for makeup, and a few more preps for some after taking a shower or bath.

Usually, we do this string of habits at the beginning of the day, before going to work. When taking a shower at night, the same pattern may be triggered, including wearing deodorant. Probably, you have been doing this routine for many years or decades. I can’t help but agree with you.

Wearing deodorant at night may provide the following benefits:

●      Reinforces the feeling of freshness from taking a shower.

Taking a bath or a shower gives you a clean and fresh feeling. Wearing a deodorant after taking a shower at night also enforces that feeling of freshness.

●      Relaxes your body since you feel fresh.

Feeling fresh and clean puts your mind at ease. It readies your mind and body to enter that relaxed state. And you know what, that physically relaxed feeling extends to your mind and put it at rest as well.

●      Prevents night sweat since it’s an antiperspirant.

Wearing deodorant at night reinforces the efficacy of the antiperspirant products. It also solves your night sweats. The antiperspirant compounds are effectively absorbed by the clean skin and stay and stick even after you shower the following morning.

If you are excessively sweaty, this may be a good solution to address that problem too.

●      Gives you a satisfying feeling since you completed your routine.

Even the little things can give us that satisfaction when we see it through the end. Imagine watching a movie halfway through and turning off the TV. It’s just incomplete.

You may not see finishing your night routine as satisfying, but imagine if you don’t get to complete it. Yeah? You heard yourself. You have to complete it! There’s satisfaction in completing it!

Can Deodorant Put You To Sleep?

Wearing deodorant alone at night may not put you to sleep. There are no studies or evidence that wearing deo at night can put you to sleep. However, the fresh, relaxed, and satisfying feeling of taking a shower and completing your nighttime routine can put your mind at ease and help you sleep comfortably at night.

Besides, there’s no harm in wearing deodorant at night, and in fact, you may reap a few benefits from it if you easily get sweaty. This is especially true during the summer too. Wearing deo at night improves the effectiveness of the antiperspirant and keeps you fresh during the day too.

The Bottom Line

Wearing deodorant is hygienic. Although it doesn’t put you to sleep, it helps give you a more comfortable sleep. It can give you a satisfying feeling (although not significant). It can also help resolve excessive sweating at night and reinforce its effect up to the following day.

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