Customer Spotlight: Jess Appleton

One of our favorite parts about Jess Appleton's experience with PiperWai is that our smell reminds her of her childhood. You know that feeling when a scent just takes you back to pleasant memories, even if it's just a second? Yeah, we love that feeling. 

Jess also has a natural-living enthusiast cheering her on: Her mother in law. Not only is she passionate about using natural products, but Jess' mother in law is a huge inspiration in her life. 

Read more about our friend Jess, including her favorite meme and yoga venture. 

How did you hear about PiperWai?

I first heard about PiperWai while watching Shark Tank. The co-founders' pitch had me convinced to try their flagship product! All it took were the health-conscious efforts of the brand to win my trust.

What was your first impression when you tried it?

WOW! This deodorant smells incredible. Is it weird to just want to smell the jar of PiperWai? PiperWai's powder fresh smell is so reminiscent of my childhood that I can't help but love it. At first glance, I also loved the natural ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, and activated charcoal powder. 

You mentioned your mother-in-law was inspiration for embracing a more natural lifestyle. Tell us about her and her impact on you?

My mother-in-law is so much closer to me than most anyone. She is me and my husband's cheerleader. I talk clothes, advice, cooking, work and more with her. Marrying into a supportive family was always so important to me and I am happy to say my mother-in-law has given me that and more. She has impacted me in ways she might not know. Not only was I in awe of her welcoming attitude when I first met her – I have also learned so much from her terminal cancer diagnosis. It is tough to put in to words what exactly she has taught me but I continue to live each day full of excitement, with a fresh perspective and gratitude toward my health and wellbeing, because of her.

What do you enjoy about living a more natural life?

When I make informed decisions toward living a natural life, I feel in control of my health. I enjoy living a more natural life, where I have a say in which products I support. I am dedicated to getting back to basics – free of harsh, carcinogenic chemicals. And supporting PiperWai is only the beginning to getting back to my body, reclaiming how meaningful it is to take care of ourselves.

Let’s get to know you a little more. What’s your home state and what do you do for a living?

I'm a Philly gal, born and raised. I was a cancer researcher through college (2013) until 2017 when I began working in nonprofit. I currently work to bring internship opportunities in biomedical research to high school and community college students. Mentorship is the most rewarding experience and I'm thankful to be in my position.

Favorite animal?

Any member of the dog family is a member of my family! I've got a four-year-old German Shepherd and a year-old Mastiff/Great Dane pup. #packgoals
My dogs teach me so much, like how to go with the flow, relax after a hard day, how to stay excited after a rainy day inside, the importance of staying active, and of course, how to love unconditionally.

What do you like to do for fun?

I am equal parts in love with and anxious to travel! My husband and I have traveled together ever since we first met. I'm happy to say we've been to Peru, Ireland, Amsterdam, Prague, Bali, Paris, Italy, and Quebec City! Each new adventure has its own challenges and excitement. But I could not think of a more fun hobby to embrace – I truly evolve with every trip.

Do you have any hidden talents or fun facts about yourself you can share?

Lately I've surprised myself by practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and weight training – on top of practicing yoga. I would have never imagined enjoying working out! I was never athletic until I found yoga. Yoga has opened up so many possibilities. I celebrate my body as often as I can by eating smart and working out. I am more confident when I exercise. I would even say that exercise – yoga, BJJ, and weight training – have made me embrace a natural life style.

What is your favorite meme?

Love this question. My absolute favorite meme is a silly one - the man holding a cell phone to his ear, often captioned by "I'm calling the cops."

How about the most embarrassing album you own? (No judgment.)

My first ever cassette tape was Britney's Hit Me Baby (One More Time). An anthem of a generation. (Editor's note: Jess is correct.)

Here’s a chance for you to do some shameless self-promotion. What do you do that you want the internet to know about?

Because of my mother-in-law's cancer diagnosis and my work as a cancer researcher, I have seen a fair share of dis-ease. With it weighing heavily on my mental health, I returned to my yoga practice in 2016. The emotional burden of these circumstances was lifted when I practiced yoga! In 2017, I began to teach yoga and the community truly brought me such joy and hopefulness. I was called to create a place for yogis with anxiety, like myself, to meet with one another, hone their practice, and embrace natural living. The Yogic Body was created with the sole purpose to provide yoga to women with anxiety. Over at The Yogic Body, I create guided meditations, yoga flows, blog posts on how to start your yoga practice, journaling freebies, and tons more goodies to open the doors to a fulfilling, life changing practice. I want women to know they are in the driver's seat of their own lives – through yoga, I know this to be true.
I can be found meditating at and @TheYogicBody on FB and Instagram!