Customer Spotlight: Melissa Pepin

We got to know Melissa when we noticed she kept tagging us on social media. On closer look, we saw that she was on a mission to recruit as many PiperWai customers as possible. She wasn't prompted to do so, nor did she receive any kind of incentive from us. She just did it. 

We were so delighted and thankful that she took so much time to promote us that we reached out to tell her how much she means to us. That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship filled with Beyonce gifs, exclamation points and mutual adoration. 

We want to share our Melissa love with you, which is why we chose her as our first customer spotlight. Read on to get to know Melissa!

How did you hear about PiperWai?

Shark Tank! I was searching high and low AND striking out with every natural deodorant I tried.

What was your first impression when you tried it?

The smell was AMAZING! I was really hopeful and over-the-moon excited when it worked and kept me smelling fresh all day.

We first noticed you when you tagged us on Facebook promoting the product. And we didn’t even ask you! What about PiperWai makes you want to spread the word to others about the product?

I am a die-hard brand loyalist and when I love something I want EVERYONE else to love it too. Getting all the chemicals out of my deodorant was high on my priority list because I am so wary of all the problems things like aluminum can do to a woman’s body. So, when I tried it and it worked, I NEEDED to tell everyone.

We are so glad you did. How many PiperWai converts have you made?

I have no idea! I shared it at a women’s retreat in November of last year. I shared it at a conference I spoke at in February. I carry it in my gym bag all the time. I all but tell people to “lift your shirt and rub this on” when they come in my house. #piperwaiforlife

Let’s get to know you. What’s your home state and what do you do for a living?

I’m in Georgia in the sweet little town of Athens (home of R.E.M, Widespread Panic, The B-52’s, and Zaxby’s. Oh yeah, and there is a University here too.) I am an entrepreneur and artist. I have owned a photography studio for over a decade.

Favorite animal?

English Bulldog. I wanna squeeze their little faces!

What do you like to do for fun?

I’m a wife and mama and traveling with my little crew is my favorite thing to do. I also love to run (OK, I trot) and brunch. Brunch can be a verb, right?

Do you have any hidden talents or weird facts about yourself you can share?

I was a wedding singer before I was a wedding photographer. And I touched a Backstreet Boy once! Lol! #itwasJoey

What is your favorite meme?

Why would you put that kind of pressure on me to pick just ONE?! My husband and I have entire text conversations that contain zero words and all gifs. It's an art, really. But this one probably sums up my life best:

How about the most embarrassing album you own? (No judgment.)

Nothing is more embarrassing than having to dip out of a New Kids on the Block concert  to go use your breast pump. At this point I’m pretty sure my pride took a backseat a LONG time ago. I use Shazam a lot but rarely buy full albums. Right now, I’m most likely to embarrass myself at a traffic light listing to songs by Justin Beiber, Beyonce, The Script or Kids Bop 32. #momlife My FAV albums are generally ones that make you feel something. Hillsong keeps ripping my heart out (in the best way) with every record they’ve released in the last few years.

Here’s a chance for you to do some shameless self-promotion. What do you do that you want the internet to know about?

I’m in the business of people. All the people. I photograph them and help them tell their stories. I’ve owned a photography company for the last 12 years and have been a part of more lives (with my camera) than I can even count. I consider that gift. A huge gift I never deserved. I have a website, blog, newsletter, and all the social media! 

My Instagram is @melissapepinphotography and my Facebook is the same!

This year, my family mission has been to live more simply. Less focus on the STUFF, more focus on the TIME. PiperWai reaching out to me and being invested in who I am rather than what I can physically give them was such a huge blessing to my heart and speaks volumes about the kind of company they are. You guys, not only is their product awesome, but the kindness of their team is unmatched. I mean…who else would I be able to email 73 Beyonce gifs back and forth with if they didn’t exist! ;) I’m in the business of people and it’s SO encouraging to work with companies that are in the business of people too. <3

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