Get the most out of your natural deodorant this summer

We are officially in the middle of deodorant season! (And there's a high chance we are the only ones excited about this.) 

We talk to a lot of people about natural deodorant and what we have heard is that other brands have trouble standing up to the summer heat. Plus, many people are extremely nervous about switching to natural deodorant in the summer. And that's OK. The sun is one of our nemeses, along with odor-causing bacteria and aluminum. Luckily, we know of a few ways to keep your natural deodorant and your armpits in perfect harmony. 

Try some of these tips out this summer:

Detox your underarms 

If you have recently switched to natural deodorant, about to switch or a natural deodorant pro, a detox is never a bad idea. The purpose of a detox is to prime your armpits so your natural deodorant can work the best it can.

If a person has worn antiperspirant their entire life, a detox is highly recommended. The way antiperspirant works is it clogs your pores shut to prevent you from sweating. That's a lot of backed-up pores that need to be detoxed. By getting the leftover antiperspirant out, your underarms are able to do what they are naturally meant to do. 

It's also possible that your body chemistry has changed and your underarms aren't working the way they should with your natural deodorant. Even if you keep a clean diet and use natural products, outside factors like environment can cause a pH imbalance, which you can read more about in our blog

How to do an underarm detox

Take a look at the below tips we tell our customers. All remedies are simple DIY recipes with some items you may already have in your home! 

1) We recommend always applying with dry hands to dry skin. Applying to wet or even damp skin can cause the activated charcoal to absorb that moisture, rendering it less effective as you begin to sweat throughout the day. For this same reason we don't recommend adding water to your jar or stick.

2) Make sure you reapply after bathing, swimming, or working out.

3) Some people find reapplying midday is helpful, especially in the beginning of detox or in the peak of summer.

4) Check out this link for a bentonite clay mask that is helpful in speeding along the detox process.

5) You may also rebalance your underarm pH with apple cider vinegar. Combine equal parts ACV and water (a tablespoon of each should be plenty). Apply this once daily prior to applying PiperWai, holding your arms up to allow it to dry completely first. After 1-2 weeks, you can wean your underarms off the ACV mixture. Our detailed blog post outlines how a pH imbalance can lead to underarm odor.

Reapply midday 

You're not going to like what we're going to say, but you have to do it anyway. Reapplying your deodorant midday can seriously help. As humans, we're "freshening up" all the time, whether it's fixing a stray hair, freshening your breath or reapplying lip balm. Deodorant is no different, even if you use antiperspirant. 

When using natural deodorant, think of it as lip balm or lotion that is put on sometimes twice a day. For these products it's no big deal, and neither should deodorant, especially if you want to feel fresh all day! 

With PiperWai, we make it easy to reapply on the go with our mini jars. The jars last seven to 10 days and are easy to throw in a gym bag, purse, desk drawer or even a pocket (but don't let it get too warm). 

Keep your deodorant in appropriate conditions 

There is a 100 percent chance your deodorant will melt if you leave it in the car during the summer. We've talked to enough customers and seen enough tweets to confirm this happens frequently. Don't do it! Protect your sacred deodorant! PiperWai is best when it's at a room temperature. Since we do not use artificial stabilizers, the deodorant's ingredients can become separated in high or low temperatures. Treat your deodorant well and make sure it is stored in the best temperature conditions so you can get the most out of it.