Introducing: PiperWai Cleansing Hand Gel

By Arnelle Pierre-Louis

In light of what is happening in the world today, we understand that it is extremely important to stay safe and vigilant at this time. One big issue is that rinse-free hand washes are becoming widely unavailable but so desperately needed. Like many others, members of our team have even been making their own. This got us thinking. 

We decided to consult with our lab to create a powerful, rinse-free cleansing hand gel we could share with you. Our new Cleansing Hand Gel contains 62% non-GMO alcohol derived from sugar cane, essential oils, and aloe vera gel to keep your hands moisturized and to avoid drying out your skin. While the CDC recommends good old-fashioned handwashing with soap for 20 seconds, they also recommend alcohol-based hand sanitizer when these options aren’t available! 

Alcohol-based rinse-free hand cleansers are most effective at killing germs and viruses at concentrations of 60%+ ethanol or isopropanol. Our formula contains 62% non-GMO, pure ethanol alcohol, another name for ethyl alcohol. The CDC recommends ethanol is effective at greater than 60% and isopropanol at greater than 70%.

For every order, we’re donating a Cleansing Hand Gel and a percentage of profits to The Campaign Against Hunger (“TCAH”). TCAH is a community-based organization located in Brooklyn, NY. The non-profit started in the basement of a church in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bedford-Stuyvesant, and it has since grown to providing services to hundreds of thousands of unique individuals. To help out, and make your purchase, click here!

If DIY is more your thing, here’s a simple recipe to make your own rinse-free hand wash at home. Whether you decide to shop with us or make your own, we want to keep you informed! 


2 cups isopropyl alcohol (ensure the final product is at least 70%

- 1 cup aloe vera gel

- 10 drops of your favorite essential oil 

* If you can not find aloe gel at your local pharmacy, you can purchase an aloe vera plant from your local grocery store and make it yourself. It is an extra step but easy to make. Click here to learn how to make your aloe vera gel.

PiperWai’s Cleansing Hand Gel is made with clean products and has an EWG score of 1. For more information on the importance of handwashing, please click here