Sustainable Fulfillment Announcement

An improved fulfillment system AND being environmentally conscious? Sign us up!

If you have ordered from PiperWai over the past couple of weeks, you may have experienced an unusual delay in shipments. Rest assured: it has all been for a great reason! We are now partnered up with Manifest Commerce, our brand new eco-friendly, third-party logistics partner, who specializes in carbon neutral shipping, sustainable shipping packaging, and green warehousing. Manifest is also a member of the One Percent for the Planet, an international organization whose members contribute at least one percent of their annual sales to environmental causes. 

At PiperWai, it is our goal to be able to produce great products while also being aware of our environmental impact from product conception to your order arriving at your door. It can often be quite difficult to balance the two as an ecommerce company, for several reasons, such as:

Transportation, which is responsible for the largest share of greenhouse gas emissions from trucks, cars, ships, and planes.

Warehouses, which use an enormous amount of energy to provide sufficient lighting, heating, and air conditioning, along with running all machinery and equipment operation in these massive industrial centers.

And Packaging, whose waste is estimated to be made out of more than 60% non-recyclable plastics, which ultimately end up in landfills and waterways and can take more than 500 years (!!) to break down. 

As a company, we are committed to improving our practices to align with our goal of being as environmentally responsible as possible while also keeping up a standard of efficacy and quick arrival times of orders. Partnering with Manifest Commerce allows us to do just that by providing carbon neutral fulfillment services, zero plastics, recyclable packing materials, and green warehousing. 

 We understand completely how frustrating delays in shipments can be when ordering online so we apologize for any and all inconveniences this fulfillment center switch has caused. Making huge changes like these are never an easy feat so we thank you so much for your patience and understanding. Beginning April 11th, we will begin shipping orders from Manifest Commerce and we are so excited to embark on this new journey with them, while also being able to provide you with great service when ordering from PiperWai. 

If you have any inquiries about our new partnership with Manifest Commerce or the status of your order at this time while we adjust to this switch, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at !