PiperWai Sustainable Packaging Update: Our Journey

By: Sara Weinreb

We’re on a quest to be even more sustainable as a brand, as a mission-driven business, sustainability is one of our core tenants. We’ll be honest: it’s not always the easiest thing to accomplish, and there’s not always a clear road. The truth is that there is a true lack of sustainable packaging options available, and each option has pros and cons. It’s our job to weigh them all and find the best option for our products, for you, and, of course, the planet.

We are committed to sharing our experience on this journey with you, so you can see our progress, our challenges, and updates. Moving forward we will be sharing regular updates in our sustainable packaging journey here on the PiperWai blog.

So, where do we stand right now? 

Currently, most of our products come in glass, except our Natural Deodorant Stick, which is made of recyclable PET plastic, which is BPA-free and generally regarded as safe. We've been exploring options to move away from plastic packaging for this product, but it’s a bit complicated. We are seeking the most compatible packaging (not all packaging is friendly to our formula!) that creates the lowest impact while maintaining an enjoyable and easier user experience for you all. Not only does this take into account the packaging itself, but also the shipping, and protection of the products. 

What are the options?

Paper tubes, for example, may seem like a good option, but often end up being challenging for the user— and if you can’t use the product, then we have bigger problems than just the packaging. Waste of the product is as problematic as packaging waste! And paper tubes are often lined with plastic, so they aren’t truly a plastic-free option, either. Paper is also more environmentally taxing to make than plastic. See, we told you this was complication!

Some options we are exploring are recycled plastic and compostable bioplastics, which also have their downsides since they need to be composted commercially.

Of course, glass seems like a great option, which is why we also sell our deodorant in glass jars. But for the sake of being comprehensive, glass can also have its drawbacks— it’s heavier and therefore more environmentally taxing to ship. It’s also more prone to break, wasting the packaging and the product. But glass is infinitely recyclable, versus plastic, which, nowadays, is only recycled about 9% of the time.

What’s next?

Our team has been on a mission to connect to other business owners working in this issue, attending relevant conferences, consulting packaging experts, and educating ourselves on the overall issue of sustainable packaging. We are committed to finding a solution that is environmentally friendly as well as user-friendly, and we are going to share with you our journey along the way. Thanks for your thoughts (we are always open to them!) and patience. We know it will be well worth it.