Partner Spotlight: KNOWN SUPPLY

In case you missed the news, we have PiperWai T-shirts available, while supplies last. Our favorite part of this new product is that we sourced our shirts with KNOWN SUPPLY, a brand that lets you trace your PiperWai apparel back to the person who made it. The reason we've partnered with KNOWN SUPPLY on our branded T-shirts, because making sustainable choices is kinda our thing. KNOWN SUPPLY makes sure the people who make their shirts are paid a fair wage and have access to education and social services. Partnering with them is a no-brainer! 

Our PiperWai shirts are made from soft and lightweight 100% Pima cotton, giving you the utmost comfort while showing the world your commitment to nontoxic living. Choose from a fitted style or standard-fit tee. 

The best part? You can see who created your shirt by looking for a signature on the inside tag! We recently touched base with KNOWN SUPPLY Kohl Crecelius to tell you the story behind our new apparel. 

What inspired you to create KNOWN SUPPLY?

We had started a social good headwear company in 2007 called Krochet Kids intl. Through the experience of building and growing that brand, we gained immense insight into the fundamental problems plaguing the global apparel industry, so we decided to do something about it. In our view, one of the biggest problems we witnessed was a lack of understanding for how items were made and WHO made them. We had alwapimays celebrated the people behind the products we sold, by having makers hand sign tags inside every item. KNOWN SUPPLY exists to humanize the apparel industry in two main ways:

1) Connecting shoppers with the makers of their items.

2) Collaborating with other brands to help them share in our mission.

What are some key values you had in mind when creating your brand?

1) Quality

Product quality is the best way we can honor our mission. It helps to showcase the incredible capabilities of the makers that we partner with, and it's what sets our product apart amidst many others who are seeking to drive price (and subsequently quality) lower.

2) Inclusion

We are an apparel brand, but in many ways, we are more of a platform. It's not just about what we produce, but also how we can help other businesses and individuals realize the power of ethical production.  

3) Human

One of our mantras is to be The Most Human Brand.™ This drives how we celebrate the makers of our products and how we seek to interact with our partners and customers.

How do you make sustainable, socially conscious clothing accessible to consumers?

We price our products fairly so that they are more accessible to more people. We tell compelling stories to help educate and empower our community to make informed and impactful purchases they can feel good about. Lastly, we partner with other great brands like PiperWai to help reach new audiences and engage them in this new way of thinking about apparel.

What has the feedback been like from customers and clients? 

People crave transparency and they want to know their purchases are making a positive impact on the world. We love becoming a go-to source for shoppers who are seeking products with impact. The best way we get to see this unfold is when customers look up the profile of the person who made their product ( and write them a thank you note. There are powerful stories that come through this platform everyday and it motivates us in our work greatly.

How did you become connected with the people who help create your products?

Our first two production facilities in Uganda and Peru were built from the ground up by our team and local partners. We spent time in the communities where we wanted to serve and brought on advisers and staff who could help us identify people to take part in our job creation programs. As we continue to grow, we seek out production partners who are committed to employee well being and fair wages to help expand our reach. We recently launched a partnership with an amazing factory in India to do exactly this.


How did our partnership begin?

PiperWai co-founder Sarah Ribner and I were on a panel at a conference in LA. I was already very familiar with the product because my wife had been an avid customer of PiperWai for months, so I was excited to connect with Sarah.  Through meeting and sharing more about what we do at KNOWN SUPPLY, as well as the ongoing improvements and commitments PiperWai was making to their supply chain, it seemed like a natural fit to work together on a project.

What do you enjoy about working with PiperWai?

First, I loved hearing about the founding story of PiperWai. These two incredible women concocted deodorants in their kitchen and sold the goods at farmers markets brought them success on national TV, which resulted in scaling their business immensely. I'm inspired by the story. Secondly, I love the business model of PiperWai to infuse clean ingredients into its products and to think differently (aka more thoughtfully) about the supply chain itself. That makes my heart sing.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? 

My two early rising sons, without fail.

What's been one of your proudest moments since starting the company? 

Though we've been running social impact brands for over 10 years, KNOWN SUPPLY is a relatively new and still feels like it is launching. However, the things that excite me the most are partnerships like this. I love joining arms with other brands, even those in different industries, to tell a powerful story of the impact your purchases can have!

How can people support your mission?

Follow along our journey by visiting or on any social platform, @knownsupply. Get your own product and go engage with the person who made it by visiting their online profile!

Grab your own sustainably made, PiperWai-branded KNOWN SUPPLY shirt here