Reasons Why You Should Gift PiperWai This Holiday Season

Deck the halls with boughs of PiperWai! We have multiple options available for purchase this holiday season. For a limited time, you can get a PiperWai gift set that includes a jar, stick, two trial sizes and an organic cotton travel bag. A gift all wrapped up and ready to go.

Not sure if your giftee prefers the jar or the stick? We’re way ahead of you. We just launched a gift card as another gifting option. Of course, there’s the tried and true jar and stick, which is always available.

If you’re still not convinced that deodorant makes an amazing gift, we have a few reasons that will convince you otherwise.



A gift that will be used

Most people wear deodorant. It’s ingrained in our morning ritual and boosts our confidence throughout our day. Sure, you may get the “Are you trying to tell me something?” jokes. The real joke, however, is on the recipient because you know they will be using your gift every day.

We’re vegan and cruelty free

Chances are there is an animal lover in your life who is vegan and cruelty free. Good news! We’re both. We want our product to be accessible to everyone, which is why we do not use animal products and do not test on animals. (We’re also big animal lovers ourselves.) So many large, mainstream cosmetics companies test on animals, which makes it difficult for people to find a product fit for them that was created humanely.

We make great care packages

Do you have a loved one who’s in college, far away or deployed? PiperWai fits perfectly in a care package. Plus, who really enjoys going out and shopping for deodorant? Send the necessities straight to your loved one and make their holiday a little brighter. (And less stinky.)

Fits perfectly in a stocking or next to a Menorah

Our products’ size and price point make the perfect small gift for stockings and for around the Menorah. Skip over the drugstore travel-size perfumes and gift something that won’t induce a migraine.

An easy gift for holiday swaps

Everyone has the same feeling about holiday swaps. They’re completely unnecessary and it’s near impossible to get one generic gift that anyone would like. Until you met us? Something that almost everyone uses? Deodorant. Plus, most gift swaps have a $30 spending limit. Why not grab one of our gift sets and lower your chances of getting regifted.

A gift that's good for the body

Just by gifting PiperWai, you’re telling your loved one that you want the best for their body and their health. Our deodorant is made with 100 percent natural ingredients. No toxins or chemicals here. We let your pits do their thing naturally while neutralizing odor with activated charcoal. PiperWai is not only safe for bodies, it’s good for them, too.

PiperWai travels easy

If you’re traveling with gifts this holiday season, our deodorant is the perfect size and doesn’t take up much space in a suitcase or car full of gifts. Holidays are the biggest travel times of the year and many people are driving and flying long distances to spend time with family. Get your loved ones something they’ll love and something that won’t give you holiday packing stress. All our products are TSA compliant, so if you’re flying, you can travel reassured that your gift will make it through TSA checks.

Gift sets are better for the environment

Our gift set is reusable and already packaged up and ready to go. You’re not left with a ton of paper or throw away carboard that comes with a lot of pre-packaged gifts. The cotton travel bag is reusable, versatile and easy to store in your home.

Are you convinced yet? Head over to our product page to grab the perfect gift for anyone with armpits.



All domestic orders must be in before Dec. 7 at 11:59 p.m. to ensure delivery before Dec. 25. Gift sets and gift cards are final purchase and exempt from discount offers.