The most prevalent skin problems and how to avoid them naturally

Every body is different, and each person experiences skin conditions differently. We kept this in mind when formulating PiperWai to be gentle on sensitive skin. The last thing we want is for more people to get painful reactions on top of the skin problems already present. Our deodorant isn't a cure for these, though, which is why we've tasked our friend Alexie to find the best natural remedies for common skin conditions. 

With the great number of irritants and stressors around, a large percentage of Americans suffer from skin problems. So with that in mind, this article will look at the most common skin problems in the U.S. and how you can avoid them using natural remedies, rather than over-the-counter and prescription medicine.


Rosacea usually manifests through redness and swelling in the face and is caused by abnormalities in facial blood vessels. Some people are more prone to develop them based on genetics. Byrdie recommends cleaning up your diet to avoid Rosacea. Since the gut regulates inflammation, eating healthy foods that support gut health lessens the swelling. Incorporate gut-happy foods like kombucha, garlic, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil into your diet to cut down inflammation. 


Eczema occurs when patches of skin become very dry and rough and is a response to an irritant that differs from person to person, such as temperature changes or certain soaps. While there is no cure for eczema, there are ways to make it less irritating. Medical News Today suggests multiple natural remedies, but we recommend applying apple cider vinegar to the affected area to balance the skin’s acidity levels. This keeps the affected area away from bacteria and infection. Like apple cider vinegar, aloe vera helps keep bacteria out, plus advances the healing process. 


Psoriasis is when itchy and scaly patches appear on a person’s skin. Some people are more prone to Psoriasis, but it’s generally triggered by stress. The condition is different from eczema in that it is linked to the immune system, while eczema is linked to outside factors. There are also five different types of psoriasis, while only one type of eczema. One natural remedy that Healthline notes is effective is taking natural dietary supplements like primrose oil and Omega-3s to help in easing symptoms from the inside. Another recommendation is to seek out ways like exercise, meditation, etc. to help manage stress. 


Hives are itchy, red bumps or welts on the skin caused by a variety of allergic reactions. Hives can be caused by almost anything: sun exposure, pollen, dust, heat, and stress. Best Health Mag lists some great natural remedies that can be used to combat hives. One is taking a cold bath mixed with oatmeal to relieve the itching and the spread of hives, while another is dabbing the affected area with calamine lotion or witch hazel. Just make sure you are using soothing, skin-sensitive products so the affected area does not flare up. 


Contrary to popular belief, acne is not necessarily caused by dirty skin. It’s more attributed to diet and stress. Some lifestyle changes recommended by our very own Ju Rhyu to lessen acne are eating better, slowing down your daily pace, and exercising more. With your diet, opt for fresh, whole, plant-based foods that are heavy on the nutrients. As much as we love sitting with a sleeve of Oreos, try cutting down on the sugar, dairy and foods with a high glycemic index and a high glycemic load.

As the list shows, there are a variety of natural remedies and lifestyle changes that can be tried before introducing chemicals to your skin. Aside from the negative effects of synthetic substances, these medicines are also very costly. Journalists Bonnie Meibers and Emily Allen investigated how prescription medicine is becoming increasingly expensive in the U.S., with one of the reasons being the fact that the prices aren’t regulated. Another reason is the ever expanding U.S. healthcare industry. The general studies degree post published on Maryville University notes that healthcare in the U.S. is predicted to grow by 18% up to 2026. As the industry continues to grow exponentially, so will the price of prescription medicine. However, the industry shouldn't focus on promoting pharmaceuticals as the only solution to health issues; instead it should be advocating and incorporating the use of effective natural remedies and wellness approaches. More options available means better health for everyone. 

This is especially true when it comes to skin problems. Most skin conditions occur due to excessive stress and bad eating habits, and a lifestyle change is the most effective way to avoid any of the above issues.

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