Top 8 Tools To Have In Your Nail Kit

By Michael Thompson

Nails can play an important role in making your hands beautiful. Today acrylic nails are in trend and there are many girls who get them to enhance their personality. If you are also willing to get them then you can consider getting the best acrylic nail kit. With this kit, you can use your creativity and design your nails. 

Essential tools in a kit

Brushes: There are different types of brushes present for giving different shade to the nails. They are listed below.

  • French brush: You can use this brush for creating designs at the edges or for making corners for the designs.
  • Striper brush: This brush can be used for creating even and sharp lines on the nails. It has shorter bristles.
  • Detail brush: This brush can be used for making intricate designs on the nails. You can also use it for outlining. 
  • Fan brush: It is the brush that is used for giving a fine feathered design. This brush needs to be used lightly on over the base layer of polish.

Hand scrub: It is another essential tool that you need to keep in your nail kit. It is used for removing nail paint and getting the nails prepared for manicure. It thoroughly cleans the paint from the nails. But, after you've finished applying nail polish, use a moisturizing oil to restore moisture to your nails.

Sponges: Sponges are also very useful in creating different effects on the nail such as Ombré-effect easily. You can prefer keeping any sponge in your nail kit such as sea sponge or kitchen sponge.

Dotting tool: This is also a very useful tool that you can have in your nail kit. You probably experience it hard to make nail art as it can be very difficult to stay steady while doing it. This purpose can be made easy with the help of a dotting tool. It has two ends to vary the size of the dot on the nail. It is very helpful in creating flower art on the nail.

Tweezer: This tool is used for placing nail art stones, sequins and rhinestone onto the nails. This tool allows you to put these tiny nail stones in small gaps efficiently. This is a must-have tool in your nail kit.

Cuticle nippers: This tool is used for cutting dead skins from around your nails. But, be sure never to cut healthy skin with it as the skin then goes prone to infections. You must use it to cut desquamated skin only like hangnails.

Nail art pens: You must have been using a thin brush for drawing art on your nails, instead, you can use the striper or the nail art pen to get it made easily. With it drawing becomes so easy. There are a variety of color choices available in this tool and you can buy any one of your choices.

Cuticle removers and pushers: You can use the spongy side of this tool to get the cuticle pushed up so that the nail polish can be spread evenly throughout the nail. The other pointy side is used to scrape away the dead cuticle from the nails.