Valentine’s Day Gifts for the wellness enthusiasts in your life

By: Sara Weinreb

Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love— whether that romantic love, self-love, or showing some love to your friends and family. I love the holiday as a reminder to “treat yourself” and others to some self-care, indulgences, and things that make you feel good. The following health and wellness-inspired gifts are great to give to your loved ones, or as a special gift to yourself!

Raaka Rose Cardamom Chocolate

I love rose and cardamom with chocolate (so much that I even formulated a hot cocoa mix with these flavors for my friend’s cafe), so I was thrilled to see this rose cardamom chocolate bar pop-up from direct trade, organic brand Raaka. These chocolate bars are a great little gift to give to your friends or as a sweet treat for your significant other!

Rasa Spicy Rose Cacao adaptogenic coffee alternative

What’s Valentine’s day without the opportunity to spice things up— literally and figuratively? One of my favorite herbal products, Rasa adaptogenic coffee, just released a limited edition Valentine’s day blend full of adaptogens and aphrodisiacs and it sounds beyond delicious. It’s the perfect wellness-focused gift with a Valentine’s day spin!

Ettitude Waffle Robe

Self-care days are only elevated by a big, warm, cozy robe, and I love the waffle robe from Ettitude. It’s long enough to lounge around in all day, and made of 100% organic bamboo lyocell, a sustainable material. Plus, it’s a woman-owned company!

Buffy comforter

If you know me, you may know I am kind of in love with my Buffy comforter. It’s the most comfortable addition to any bed, and that seems like a wonderful and appropriate Valentine’s day gift, no? It’s a great way to up your sleeping game and your bedroom comfort— and it’s sustainably and ethically-made to boot.

Citrus peel and rose uplift floral facial steam by Klei

Anything with rose is a valentine’s day shoo-in, and this uplifting facial steam is an affordable yet luxurious gift to yourself or a loved one. It smells divine and is a lovely way to treat yourself (and your skin!) for the holiday.

Wildling empress stone

If you haven’t seen gua sha all over your Instagram feed, we must be living in different planets! It’s a tool that helps you release tension from your face and neck, relieving discomfort as well as wrinkles (maybe leave that part off the V-day card). The empress stone by Wildling is just that-- an indulgent yet practical wellness tool, and a perfect gift for those looking for a little more self-care.

Nevertheless, she persisted cuff by Bird + Stone

A simple yet empowering ethically-made in the USA statement, I love this bracelet by women-owned Bird + Stone. 10% of the proceeds from the sale go to She Should Run, encouraging more women to run for political office. 


An easy way to invite more mindfulness into your loved one’s life, or your own, the f/LIGHT DECK by Emily Gaines Demsky is beautifully illustrated by the creator. Each card features an affirmation, question, or action to inspire you for your day!

Meet The Source chocolate raspberry bliss balls

Sweets are my love language, and so there’s nothing more fun than getting a wellness-inspired treat for any occasion! I love Meet The Source’s bliss balls— handmade in Cali using the highest quality ingredients, they are a sweet treat I can always feel good about eating. Plus their season chocolate raspberry bliss balls are perfect for Valentine’s day!

Gift an experience via Airbnb Experiences

One of my favorite ways to exchange gifts with my partner is by giving workshops and experiences! We often exchange Airbnb experiences— we’ve taken a sourdough workshop, a ceramics workshop and more! It’s a wonderful way to spend time together, get to know individuals in your community, and learn something new.

Overseas Scarf by ADAY

Cozy seems to be a theme here, and who doesn’t love a blanket-like warm, comfy scarf? The Overseas Scarf doubles as a blanket and pillow for travel and is made of wool and recycled cashmere. I love this women-owned brand’s mission of being comfortable, sustainable, and ethically-made. They even have an option to get $10 if you pass an item you bought from them onto a friend instead of throwing it away, or $5 if you mail it to them to recycle.