Did you know each year we launch a special sale for all the imperfect deodorant sticks we have?

Yeah, it’s very true, and also one of our most popular events is called “The Imperfect Stick Sale”, and it is LIVE and on sale for a short time for $10! 
No worries, none of them have been used by previous people, they are 100% sanitary, just thought we would put that out there!

We actually just bought and kept them as defects because they are still good!

The idea of imperfection has become something to avoid. 

It seems like any flaw reflects badly upon the work one has put in, and it contains a feeling of failure that can outshine everything else. However, it is time to rewrite this narrative.

Let’s be real; there is no such thing as perfection. It is an ideal that people as far back as Ancient Greek philosophers, such as Plato with his theories of the "forms," have been trying to reach and understand. 

It’s time to come to the knowledge that there is so much good to come out of so-called "flaws," from art to food to products we use in our everyday lives. 

Here are some “not-so-fun facts” about product waste that we think you will find enlightening.

  • 5 million plastic bottles are used in America every hour. Recycling one ton of plastic can save almost 2,000 gallons of gasoline.
  • The amount of end-of-life plastic packaging, which includes bottles, jars, bags, and "other," surrounding U.S. products has increased by over 120 times since 1960. 
  • Arnaud Plas, co-founder, and CEO of Prose says he’s done his own research and estimates that between 20 and 40 percent of beauty products, depending on the category, end up as waste” (VogueBusiness). 

What a terrifying thought of what would be missed if we focused on impossible perfection! Never seeing Pablo Picasso's painting "The Actor" ever again due to the accidental 6-inch rip in the canvas?

Never having delicious banana bread due to throwing away the fruit at the slightest sight of too much brown? Never experiencing the benefits of PiperWai's Imperfect Deodorant Stick?

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