Effortless personal care that protects the earth.

Personal hygiene products should be as good for you as they are for the environment. PiperWai uses the best ingredients sourced from nature to make sustainable personal care products that actually work!

Bestseller: PiperWai Natural Deodorant Stick Essential Oils Scent

If your preference is a natural deodorant you can apply the old-fashioned way, say hello to our Natural Deodorant Stick. Formulated with the same absorbent and odor-controlling superpowers, our stick is like the fraternal twin of our NaturalDeodorant Cream. All you need is one to two swipes for long-lasting odor protection.

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Bestseller: Body Wash Ginger and Chamomile Scent 

Made with Moringa Oil, an ultra-hydrating super oil rich in omega fatty acids, nutrients and antioxidants, our body wash hydrates as it cleanses. A calming blend of chamomile and ginger essential oils use their anti-inflammatory superpowers to soothe your mind and body while combating dry or irritated skin. This natural body wash has anti-stress and antibacterial superpowers, helps increase circulation, and combats dullness. 

By supporting PiperWai, you’re joining us in honoring the earth with our everyday routines. Saving the planet never smelled so good.