5 Kratom Strains The Can Enhance Your Mood

While kratom is relatively new to the Western World, it has been utilized in Southeast Asia culture for centuries. The leaves come from the Mitragyna Speciosa trees, which naturally grow in Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Papua New Guinea. Kratom is classified by the vein color, which includes red, green, white, and yellow. 

Many different strains spread across the various vein colors. Each strain has its benefits, which can help improve your overall well-being. Some individuals notice a huge change in their lifestyle, which has ultimately sparked the popularity of kratom here in the United States. 

In this article, we will discuss 5 different strains that can help improve your mood. 

Maeng Da

The Maeng Da strain comes in red, green, or white vein colors. However, Red and White Maeng Da tend to be the most popular. This strain originated from a variety of places including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. 

It is known for its long-lasting results and its durability. It acts as a stimulant and increases your energy levels throughout your body. However, this strain is most responsible for improving your overall well-being and decreasing pain that is felt during social activities. It is noted to be the kratom strain to go to if suffering from anxiety or depression. 


Indo, as you may have guessed, is native to Indonesia. You can find this strain in green, white, or red strains. It provides a less stimulating effect, but still provides a mild energizing feeling throughout the body. Since it is less stimulating than other strains of kratom, Indo is recommended for relaxation and overall well-being. It also can decrease pain. Indo is noted for those who have anxiety. 


Bali is native to Indonesia and is usually found as a reddish color. It is known to help decrease levels of pain, so it is ideal for those who have chronic pain. Red Bali is known to help decrease sadness and depression. So, it is ideal for those who are struggling with depression regularly. 

Green Malay

Green Malay originates from Malaysia and is typically a rich dark green color. This strain of kratom is used to help improve energy levels, focus, and concentration. A lot of people choose to take Green Malay in the morning before they start their day. This strain also can help decrease pain and anxiety. It is known to calm the mind and allow for clarity and focus. 

Red Borneo

Red Borneo is known for its sedating and calming effects. It can help relieve symptoms that are associated with depression and anxiety. With sedating effects, this kratom strain can help alleviate tension and anxiety, and improve relaxation. Red Borneo is often used for aromatherapy because of the relaxation that it provides. 


Overall, kratom can help decrease the negative effects that anxiety and depression can have on the body. It is an all-natural herbal remedy, so you don't have to worry about consuming a product filled with chemicals, just like our natural deodorantKratom contains a wide variety of wellness support, as long as it is taken within the recommended doses. 

With kratom, you have to make sure that you buy from a trusted source that is offering all-natural Mitragyna Speciosa. Kratom has a load of natural benefits, you just want to make sure that you always start a new strain on the lowest dose and work your way up to your desired level of well-being. This will help you see how kratom will affect you.