Our Team’s Holiday Gift Picks under $50

The PiperWai team has been busy preparing for the holiday season! The holidays look a little bit different this year for everyone, and while we may not be able to celebrate in the ways we are used to, we are still bringing the holiday cheer. Our team is sharing what we’re buying this year to inspire you during this gift-giving season! Our holiday gift guide is full of great products for everyone on your list, all under $50. Check it out...

Sarah Ribner | PiperWai Founder and CEO

Sarah, Co-Founder and CEO

For my mom: "Sunday's Wellness Gift Box of 3 with Top & Base Coat (on sale!) It’s a  woman/minority owned brand. I know my mom will love this gift so she can enjoy an at-home nail care experience with nail polish that is nontoxic (10-free) from a brand that supports wellness through mindfulness and community building. "

For my dog: "By Chloe's peanut butter dog biscuit for my dog because even pets deserve healthy treats made with fresh natural ingredients this holiday season!"

For anyone: "The new PiperWai Limited Edition DIY Candle Kit because it's the perfect cozy at home activity and almost everyone I know has at least one extra PiperWai Cream Deodorant jar to recycle!"

Eliza Gerland | PiperWai Head of Growth

Eliza, Head of Growth

For literally everyone: "PiperWai Cleansing Hand Gels! If 2020 has taught me anything, it's that I can never have enough hand sanitizer. I love how soft and clean my hands feel after using PiperWai hand gels and the peppermint oil reminds me of the holidays. So I'll be doling PiperWai Minty Fresh hand gels out to everyone like candy [canes] this Christmas. (You go, Glen Coco!)"

For my siblings: "World's Greatest Beanie by KrochetKids. Aside from being fashionable, functional, and super cozy, KK's beanies are also ethically made and I love that you know exactly who made the product you're wearing."

For myself: "I've been dying to try the Radiate Face Jelly from Base Butter ever since I saw it on a list of woman, black-owned skincare brands. I have combination skin that can quickly turn oily depending on my moisturizer, so I love that this is a lightweight jelly focused on balancing your skin's pH. It might take a holiday miracle for me to get my hands on this product though-- it keeps selling out!"

Arnelle Pierre-Louis | PiperWai Customer Success

Arnelle, Customer Success

For my sisters: "Strong Black Women | Tee by legendaryrootz. My sisters are my heroes. So what better way to appreciate them than by getting t-shirts that describe exactly who they are?! Legendary Rootz is all about empowering women-- specifically empowering black women and young black girls. Their positive messages on Instagram never fail to put a smile on my face."

For my mom: "Black Girl Magic Wine by McBride Sisters Wines My mom loves to enjoy a glass of wine now and then. So the minute that this wine popped up on Instagram, I just had to get it. It was created by two black women whose love of wine culture from an early age pushed them to create one of the largest black-owned wine companies in the states. McBride Sisters Wines is also inclusive, accessible, socially aware, and most importantly, sustainable."

For my roommate: "Citrus Toilet Spray When I tell you this toilet spray is everything...it's EVERYTHING! This is the best toilet spray that I have ever used. I even start to spray it in other places like my garbage can because it eliminates the smell as if there never was one. It's so small and compact that it is perfect to travel with especially during these times."

Leonie Duarte | PiperWai Operations Associate

Leonie, Operations Associate

For my mom: "We all know how important hand-washing is these days and that’s why I’m getting my mom Soapply Liquid Hand Wash to keep her clean and healthy. I’m inspired by Soapply’s mission to put an end to childhood diseases that would be prevented through simple hand-washing. By purchasing this soap, I’m contributing to better water and hygiene initiatives around the world. And the glass packaging is also sustainable and refillable!"

For my sister: "OWA Moondust Hair Wash Who wouldn’t want to wash their hair with moondust?! This plant-based and water-free shampoo is better for the earth while being gentle on your hair. It’s amazing how the powder foams up into a luxurious lather. I know my sister will love using this planet-friendly product."

For my classmate: "The PiperWai Underarm Oil is great for moisturizing after shaving your underarms but I use it for the whole body. It leaves my skin really moisturized and glowing, and the scent is really calming!"

Noah Pattillo | PiperWai Customer Service

Noah, Customer Service

For my cousins: "I am so excited about our Limited Edition DIY Candle Kit! It really makes the perfect gift for everyone I know. I love doing craft projects with my extended family, like getting together to make DIY Christmas ornaments over the holidays, so I know everyone will really enjoy making their own candles with this kit. It also feels really good to give my PiperWai deodorant jars a new life by reusing them!"

For my boss: "Kynsho Pleated Mask We all know that finding the perfect gift for your boss is both incredibly important and incredibly challenging. Luckily, I found these super comfortable and stylish face masks, which I know will come in handy for my boss (and anyone else I know). They are super breathable and have a luxe silky feel. They’re also handcrafted in Brooklyn, home to PiperWai!"

For my best friend: "My best friend loves to travel and has been really bummed out cancelling his trips this year. I know a lot of us can relate, since we’re not able to do a lot of the things that make us happy due to this pandemic. I’m getting my friend the PiperWai Cleansing Hand Gel Minis, which he can take on the go as soon as it’s safe to travel again!"

Helen Lindemann | PiperWai MBA Intern

Helen, MBA Marketing Intern

For my partner: "PiperWai Natural Deodorant Stick. I’m a recent natural deodorant convert and I’m never going back! I’m obsessed with the essential oils smell and it really works with your body chemistry to neutralize odor. What’s more, it lasts all day, even through workouts! My partner and I are incorporating more and more naturally-derived products into our routines, so I know he’ll love this deodorant as much as I do."

For my sister: "My sister loves to write so I’m getting her the PANGAIA tree-free Notebook made from bamboo fibers and sugarcane production waste. The paper is carbon neutral and no trees were harmed in the making. Bonus, when you buy a PANGAIA product they plant, restore or protect a tree on your behalf!"

For my friends:"Everyone could use a moment to unwind after this crazy year, so I’m getting my friends OUI the People BIG MOOD Bath Soak so they can find a moment of peace and recharge. My friends are all so different and I know they’ll appreciate that this black-owned, women-owned brand honors our complexities and challenges beauty standards, while focusing on sustainability in their products!"