Best Holiday Gift Guide: For wellness enthusiasts

The holiday season is already here, or should I say that gifts are falling like rain? I'll leave it up to you, but if you have holiday shopping on your mind for friends and family, you've come to the right place. Our holiday shopping guide will surely be memorable whether you're shopping for your non-toxic/amazing/selfless partner, cute/caring/lovely mom & dad, your bff, troublesome yet adorable relatives, hard-working/beautiful/smart employees, or even for your wonderful self! 

So, let's make the obvious-tedious shopping process easy for you by choosing an option that is sustainable and designed specifically with you in mind. If this isn't the icing on the cake, I don't know what is.

As you all know, PiperWai recently switched to more environmentally friendly packaging. Our new product packaging is made of recyclable plastic and aluminium. How amazing and cool is that? Click here for more information if you're interested. Additionally, we ship our goods in cardboard boxes, paper mailers, and other sustainable packaging. Phew! That's too much eco-friendly material for a skincare brand. Isn’t it?

This holiday season, PiperWai has curated the best gifts to help you check everyone off your list! ✔️


And here's a very special bundle we put together with RADIUS to bring you a selection of goodies (travel-friendly too!). These are just as amazing for the planet as they are for the person who is getting them. And that’s what makes it a very special Holiday Gift! 💚

 What’s in the bundle?

🌱 1 PiperWai Natural Deodorant Scented Stick Mini 

🌱 1 PiperWai Chamomile & Ginger Body Wash Mini 

🌱 1 RADIUS Mint Aloe Neem Trial Travel Toothpaste 

🌱 1 RADIUS Anywhere Floss

🌱 1 RADIUS Tour Travel Toothbrush


Blissful Trio is a perfect choice for those who love to feel as fresh as the morning! So, if you want a King or Queen-like shower with a hint of cooling pits, this is going to be your go-to routine. 💚

They say, a good smell makes you excel. No kidding! *wink*

What’s in the bundle?

🌱 2 Ginger Chamomile Body Washes

🌱 1 Natural Deodorant Stick


3. SUSTEAU Travel Light Bundle

This limited-edition set by SUSTAEU is undoubtedly going to make a Happy Holiday Gift!  It is made up of the much loved Crystal Blue Comb (made of recycled material) and Moondust Hair Wash Mini powder-to-lather shampoo 💚

You should definitely go for it!

What’s in the bundle?

🌱 1 Moondust Hair Wash Mini Shampoo

🌱 1 Crystal Blue Comb



Looking for something called ‘The Best Holiday Gift’ ? Here’s our Happy Trio which deserves “add to cart”. This bundle is a top pick for those who prefer a bundle with our deodorant creams over sticks 💚

And we’ve been telling you, this is THE happy pill!

What’s in the bundle?

🌱 1 Ginger Chamomile Body Wash

🌱 2 Natural Deodorant Creams 


5. STOJO 16 oz Cup, 4-pack

This “grande” sized bundle STOJO contains four of their best-selling 16 oz cups and you DO NOT want to miss out on this one! Pick up a cup for everyone in the family, or keep them all for yourself. Wonder why everybody is crazy about this bundle? These cups collapse and stack neatly for compact storage! 💚

What’s in the bundle?

🌱 4 Peony Collapsible 16 oz Cups


6. Advent Intimate Daisy High Cut 3-PACK

This high cut panty design with bikini coverage from Advent Intimate is the perfect choice for those who love being stylish yet comfortable! It can be used for sleeping in or throwing on under your favorite boyfriend jeans 💚 The best part? The 3-pack contains 3 daisy panties in Color of your choosing 😍

Brb, I’m grabbing them right away! 

What’s in the bundle?

🌱 3 Daisy High Cut Panties


So now that you know everything that you need, choose wisely and choose sustainable.

Happy Holidays from PiperWai to you!