Introducing our newest look

Firstly, thank you to our incredible customers for your continued support dedication to everyday personal care essentials that are both healthier for people and planet.

Since switching our catalog to earth-friendly packaging, we’ve experienced rising costs of both our packaging and the ingredients that make our products safe and effective. We’ve spent thousands of hours of researching packaging alternatives and negotiating with vendors to keep costs to a minimum and we’re doing our best to absorb as much of the increase for you as possible.

Your single-use jars will feel a little bit lighter. When you buy a single-use jar for $13, you’ll get 1.7oz instead of 2oz. Due to rising costs of packaging and our naturally effective ingredients, we’ve had to reduce the volume of our single-use jars by 15%. The formula is completely unchanged and will still come in single-use eco-friendly recycled plastic. 

We know this news might stink– which is why we’re launching the refillable jar very soon this holiday season to give you a way to save money on your favorite deodorant. Switching to a subscription plan with our new refillable jar could save you up to 25% each year.

As an indie brand that manufactures natural products in small batches, our ingredients cost more than cheap drug store brands that are mass-produced. Because of our commitment to sustainability, our packaging is a little more expensive than brands that use virgin plastic. As a small business, we care deeply about providing our team a safe and equitable work environment where we don’t sacrifice quality for quantity– from our manufacturing to our customer support team. 

But when so many other brands sneakily cut costs or increase prices without a word, we’re telling you the truth.

We’ll continue doing our best to absorb as much of the increase for you as possible. Instead of raising our prices, we’ve found a solution that’s both eco and price conscious.

But it’s not all bad news bears. Best-sellers like our Underarm Oil are actually giving you more volume for the price in infinitely-recyclable aluminum bottles, and we’ve stopped using virgin plastic for our Natural Deodorant sticks. PiperWai Natural Deodorant Sticks are now packaged in 1.7oz recycled plastic tubes, and refillable tubes are in development now to give you the same great savings we’ll be offering on the Natural Deodorant Cream! As long-time customers know, we permanently reduced the cost of our Natural Deodorant Sticks from $16.99 to $15 in anticipation of this change. And lastly, we switched to a more sustainable fulfillment center earlier this year, specializing in carbon neutral shipping, sustainable shipping packaging, and green warehousing.

When you purchase from PiperWai, whether it’s on our website, from a verified Amazon seller, or from one of our retail partners, you can rest assured that each order is shipped from an energy-efficient warehouse, using biodegradable packaging, with additional efforts to carbon offset each shipment. Our refillable capsules will also reduce your carbon footprint by reducing shipping weights.

In today’s world, where so many small businesses face unprecedented hurdles, we’ve had to face some difficult decisions to make sure PiperWai will always be around to bring you natural products that keep you feeling fresh and dry.

Thank you for your continued support.

XOXO, PiperWai