Crystals for Manifesting Calm and Channeling Chill Vibes

In this day and age, it’s super easy to get overly stimulated, anxious and even stressed out on a daily basis. Now, while this is something that’s not always easy to avoid or prevent, that doesn’t mean we should simply put up with it.

Instead, we need to find ways to calm ourselves in such situations. Although activities like exercising, skincare, and journaling may help, we can also seek additional assistance if we ever feel the need. One of the best ways to do so is to turn to the healing properties of crystals. While all crystals have strong healing properties, some of them even hold the power to help us manifest calm and invite chill vibes into our lives. 

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pink crystal that belongs to quartz type crystals. This beautiful crystal connects with the higher heart chakra and promotes inner peace. So, it’s safe to say that rose quartz can be of great help when trying to deal with stressors in your everyday life. By placing rose quartz on your higher heart chakra – the place between your heart and your throat – you’ll allow the crystal to promote inner peace. This is particularly useful for people who lead very busy lifestyles as well as people who deal with emotional stress on a day-to-day basis. So, learn more about this amazing crystal and its properties, and see how you can use it to achieve inner peace.


Amethyst is a crystal of deep, rich purple color and it’s also related to quartz type crystals. The most common properties of amethyst include cleansing, calming and protection. With the help of this amazing crystal, you can more easily reach higher energy. That’s why this crystal is very popular among people who lead quite dynamic lifestyles. Clairvoyance is another thing amethyst can greatly help with. Additionally, amethyst can help you really look into yourself and understand your own feelings and emotions more clearly. 


If you feel like you’re craving quiet in your live and need more balance, selenite is the perfect crystal for you. Selenite exudes light energy and improves its flow. This will not only have a positive effect on you but it will also help you focus more easily, in a powerful yet calm way. On top of that, selenite is often used to cleanse other crystals, which is why it’s often used in various cleansing rituals. Moreover, it’s commonly used to encourage calmer and more restful sleep, so it’s great to place this gemstone on your nightstand or under your pillow. 


This high-vibrational stone encourages peace of mind, by chasing away chaotic thoughts that tend to keep us restless. This amazing light blue crystal is not only visually appealing and soothing. It also connects with your third eye. On top of that, it can also connect to your heart and crown energy centers, which is believed to bring more peace and serenity. Celestite has the power to encourage communication and even intuition which are both powerful tools for reaching inner peace. 


Fluorite is a great choice of crystal for anyone looking to bring more balance and clarity into their lives. When feeling like you’re under pressure, this amazing colorful stone can help you reach clarity and replace any chaotic thoughts with a clearer mindset. So, whenever your head starts feeling a bit too “busy”, hold a piece of fluorite in your hand and try concentrate on it. This will allow the crystal to “sort through” and “organize” your thoughts, which will help you see the bigger picture more easily.

Crystals have been used for centuries in various healing rituals. That’s why, the next time you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, you should give these amazing healing stones a chance to help you calm and channel chill vibes back into your life.