Customer Spotlight: Kerri Keeney

A three-sport athlete like our customer Kerri needs a deodorant that holds up. So when she saw our appearance on Shark Tank, this animal lover was ready to take the plunge with a natural, vegan and cruelty-free deodorant.

How did you hear about PiperWai?

I first heard about PiperWai while watching Shark Tank, one of my favorite shows. As a person who cares about what I put on my body, I have always been disappointed with regular deodorant and the aluminum in it. I have used the rock before, but didn’t feel that did the “job.” So when I saw Jess and Sarah’s pitch on Shark Tank, they got my attention. I looked the company up online and have been a loyal convert ever since! I also loved the fact that Jess and Sarah are young women, who made their dream a reality!  How inspiring!

What was your first impression when you tried it?

I had done my research online, and found out what to expect in my first shipment. I remember thinking that the packaging was hip and fresh, and the product smelled lovely! I was very excited to try it. The product is not greasy, it was easy to apply, and it lasted all day. I was hooked!

What about PiperWai makes you want to spread the word to others about the product?

There are a few things—first of all, my mother is a melanoma survivor and a dear friend at work is a breast cancer survivor. Cancer is no joke and the diagnosis literally changes your life and how you see the world around you. I love the product for its natural components and the fact that is healthy for cancer survivors to use. I also love that it is VEGAN. As an “aspiring” vegan myself, I am interested in what I put into my body and the effects it has on me and the world around me. Lastly, the fact that PW is a PHILADELPHIA based company, that Jess and Sarah are kick-a** business women, and PW gets involved in giving back with charitable causes all sealed the deal for me. I will always use this product and continue to spread the word!

We are so glad you did. How many PiperWai converts have you made?

My mother, a few co-workers, and anyone who will listen. 


Let’s get to know you. What’s your home state and what do you do you enjoy doing for fun?

My home state is New York; Long Island to be exact. However, I have been living in Pennsylvania now for over 20 years, and Philadelphia is my adopted city. I love being active and getting outside to walk my dog, hike, exploring Philadelphia and the neighboring communities. I also enjoy traveling; Las Vegas is one of my favorite places to visit, great for people watching, shows, and of course, the food.  I am a bit of a daredevil—I have recently fallen in love with zip lining. I enjoy volunteering whenever possible.  Reading and practicing mindfulness are 2 newer passions of mine. I listen to a book on my Audible app, while walking my dog, and finish one every two weeks. I just finished The Happiness Project, which I definitely recommend. 

You received a three-sport scholarship in college. That’s impressive! What sports did you play and what did you enjoy about them?

As a long-distance runner and swimmer, let’s just say, sprinting is not my forte.  LOL. I ran cross country in the fall, swam in the winter and did track in the spring.  Being an athlete has made me who I am today. I have great time management skills, am competitive in my day job in sales, and always strive to do my best.  While I only maintained my sports for two years in college, in recent years, I have run the Philadelphia half marathon, swam from Alcatraz, and also in the Hudson River, in NYC! 

What ways do you still stay active?

Most recently, going on long walks/hikes with my dog is one of my favorite ways to stay active and bond with my dog. I also love a good spin class, and yoga on occasion.

You have had two rescue dogs and volunteer at two dog rescues. What do you love about being around dogs and giving back?

I have been a dog person my entire life. In my family, our dogs are people too.  Dogs are so selfless and loyal. They welcome you home, love to see you, never talk back, give unconditional love, I could go on and on. I don’t have children of my own, but Yogi is my child. He brings me so much joy, love and laughter.  There is an innocence about dogs too that makes me adore them. They are literally gifts from above. I am a big believer in rescuing, whenever possible. There are so many animals out there, that just need some love and care, and they will love you forever for it. 

As far as giving back, my Nana was a selfless woman who volunteered in her community. I volunteer and donate when I can, in her honor  I am fortunate to have blessings in my life. Helping others and animals is just a part of how I can contribute to the greater good of humanity.

Do you have any hidden talents or fun facts about yourself you can share?

Being an athlete, I never had time to be creative in school. Sports took up my entire life. Now, I try to have creative outlets as much as possible. At work, I am constantly thinking outside the box. I love art, literature, jazz music—I’m a bit of an old soul. I collect vintage suitcases and ashtrays. I also think of myself as a bit of a hippie—I truly believe in doing unto others as you would like to be treated and am very into the power of positivity and kindness. Peace, love, and happiness are possible, and I try to live my life accordingly.

Here’s a chance for you to do some shameless self-promotion. Is there a business or organization you’re involved in that you want the internet to know about?

Having a vision and going after that vision, no matter what the challenge or obstacle you may face, inspires me. Companies like PiperWai do that every day. I donate blood every two months to the American Red Cross. The dog rescues I volunteer with are Brookline Lab Rescue and Hopewell Vet, which works with WAGS rescue, all located outside of Philadelphia. I believe in the power of positivity and kindness: one smile can make all the difference in someone’s day. I love this Hawaiian saying: “A HUI HOU,” until we meet again.