How to Introduce Natural Products to Friends and Family

So, you’ve made the transition to natural products – hooray! Give yourself a pat on the back for treating your body well. While switching to natural products is becoming a big movement that keeps growing, there are still many people who aren’t familiar with the benefits of going natural.

Maybe your loved ones poke fun of you for your choices or think natural products don’t work as well. (Which we know from experience is a lie.) There are ways, however, that you can educate your friends and family in a thoughtful, positive, encouraging way. Here are some tips we’ve compiled to help your loved ones live more naturally.

Show them how to properly work with natural ingredients

When you begin using natural products, it’s important to know how to best use and store them. These products don’t use artificial stabilizers (the whole point of being natural!), so the ingredients may separate, especially during transit and extreme weather. This is completely normal and shouldn’t be alarming, as the ingredients can easily be reincorporated. Natural products also work best when your body works with them, so creating a healthy environment only benefits natural product use. No need to overhaul your life completely, though! Small changes toward health is the best way to help your body stay consistent.

Give them a rundown of toxic ingredients

Non-natural products tend to carry harmful chemicals, and when you're using something every day, it's tough to know that and feel good. Using natural products, particularly ones that omit parabens, synthetic fragrances, and other gnarly toxins, is not only harmless, but it helps you feel good to know you are doing something thoughtfully for yourself. And some natural products even have added benefits, like aromatherapy or skin conditioning! Sharing this information is easy, thanks to resources like the Environmental Working Group and GoodGuide. The organizations have created cosmetics databases to help inform people which ingredients to look out for and which ingredients are best for your body.

From the EWG database

Let them know most natural products are cruelty free (hooray!)

A benefit of using natural products is that you are not only treating your body well, you are helping to combat animal testing in the cosmetics industry. Many of our customers are like us and love animals – being cruelty free and vegan is a way for us to tell major cosmetics companies they don’t have to test on animals to have a great product. We usually think of mice and rabbits as typical lab animals, but testing goes so much further than that. Primates, dogs, cats, hamsters, birds, farm animals, fish and guinea pigs are all used for in scientific laboratories. While there is a decrease in using animals for testing, we still have a long way to go. Part of that decline has been people becoming more aware of the products they buy and the environmental and social impact they have on the planet and other creatures.

Offer them a referral code to your favorite brands

Many brands offer referral programs (like us!) and loyalty perks. What this means is committed customers benefit from telling others about the product, whether it’s through discounts or brand swag. At PiperWai, if you have an account with us, you have been assigned a referral code. For every purchase made with the referral link, you get 15 percent off a purchase. If you get three people to purchase, you get 30 percent off.


Grab our mini jar two pack

Get them to test the natural-product waters. We hear all the time that people are hesitant to try out natural deodorant, and we understand! The reason why PiperWai was created is because our cofounder Jess could not find a natural option that worked or wouldn’t give her a painful reaction. Our mini jar two-pack is a great, cost effective introduction to natural products. People can try out PiperWai before they take the plunge into the natural world. Chances are, they won’t turn back.

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