Going Natural During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

Obviously, you want to nourish yourself the best you can from the inside out during pregnancy. You are literally growing a tiny human in your body. This small human’s only resource is you, so how you treat yourself during this time is crucial. What goes on or into your body eventually finds its way to your baby’s body, which is why many expecting parents are cognizant of the food they consume and the products they use.

We all know that alcohol, fish and caffeine are big no-nos during pregnancy, for good reason. Alcohol, mercury and excessive caffeine can restrict growth, increase the chances of miscarriage or stillbirth, cause birth defects or deposit toxins into the nervous and immune systems. These serious side effects are why these foods and beverages are off limits during pregnancy, but did you know there are other ways for toxins to slip into your body, affecting both you and your child?

Why Go Natural?

As we mentioned, what goes into your body during pregnancy affects your unborn child as well. This includes the skincare products you put on your body, as well as the food and beverages you put in your body. Your skin absorbs what is put onto it, which can then be transferred to your child. Everyday items like deodorants and antiperspirants are now looked at in a different way when there’s another life involved, and you are the one that’s 100 percent responsible for nourishing it. If you’re familiar with the difference between antiperspirant and deodorant, you already know antiperspirant includes aluminum, which gets in the way of the body’s natural processes. (More about that in our blog about natural deodorant versus antiperspirant.) Because aluminum is used to clog pores and prevent sweat, it is also absorbed into your body, which can be an avoidable risk to your pregnancy.

Unlike antiperspirants, PiperWai’s ingredients are completely natural and 100 percent food grade. No parabens, artificial preservatives, artificial fragrances, phthalates or aluminum in this deodorant. Compared to all the options out there, we are by far safer than most of our competitors. So, if you still plan on using deodorant during pregnancy or breastfeeding, it’s best to go with the safest, most effective route. (PiperWai. We are talking about PiperWai.)

Essential Oil Precautions 

We often get questions from breastfeeding parents about the essential oils we use in our blend. It’s a common and legitimate question, as in large doses, some essential oils can be dangerous to pregnant and breastfeeding individuals. Peppermint can reduce breast milk supply and trigger menstruation in large doses, while clove and rosemary can trigger contractions. Obviously, this is a huge concern during pregnancy, but one that is easily avoided when the oils are diluted and used carefully. 

We took this into consideration when concocting our blend of 11 pure, organic essential oils and made sure all oils are in the safe range for pregnant or breastfeeding parents. Altogether, our essential oils make up less than one percent of PiperWai’s formula and each individual essential oil is diluted less than 0.1 percent. What this means is that our essential oils fall well below the safe range of 1% (as recommended by aromatherapists) for pregnant and breastfeeding parents and are not close to the dangerous range. Like, not even a little close. 

The best way to use essential oils during pregnancy and breastfeeding is to make sure they are pure, unadulterated oils. In addition to falling much below the safe range, all 11 essential oils in PiperWai’s blend are pure and organic.

Natural's Better Than Nothing

We don't want you to have to give up products that make you feel confident and fresh. There are already enough factors to stress over during pregnancy, and finding a natural, safe product that works should not be one of them. 

Since our beginning, our goal has been to create a natural product that is safe, effective and for every body. This includes expecting parents, who deserve to feel beautiful and confident in their bodies and have the best for their children. 

Of course, we recognize every decision someone makes during pregnancy and breastfeeding is a personal one, and that every body is different. Only you and your doctor know what's best for yours.

Ready to treat your body well? Grab a stick applicator or our original jar product.