How to Make Your Home Feel Like a Spa

By Charlie Fletcher


Many of us likely wish we could have the kind of space at home that embodies our favorite luxurious spa. A wide, deep porcelain tub that you can actually stretch out in, a spectacular view, and all the amazing amenities such as facials and a personal masseuse. For most of us, that kind of home only exists in our dreams. However, while you might not be able to afford regular trips to the spa or convert your home into one, there are still plenty of ways to make your home feel more like a relaxing, comfy day at the spa. 


Taking a trip to the spa every now and then has quite a few proven benefits. As Web MD explains, spas have shown to provide stress relief, help soothe sore joints and muscles, and help you feel better. They go on to report that, “In one study of more than 3,300 Japanese government workers, frequency of spa use was linked to better physical and mental health, including better quality sleep and fewer sick days.” Many of those enriching benefits can be brought right to your own home.


Whether you’re finally ready to upgrade your bathroom, invest in an at-home sauna, or even just enjoy a night with a facemask and warm tea, here are some helpful ideas to get your home feeling more like your favorite spa.

A Quick, All Natural Fix

If you’re on a budget or renting, making changes to your actual home isn’t a possibility. Luckily, there are plenty of simple ways to embody those relaxing spa treatments. One benefit of creating a spa at home is you can use natural resources and ingredients. Plus, natural treatments are easier on the wallet. Health-conscious experts at Real Buzz list some great at-home spa ideas to try:


  • Papaya and Pineapple: These two fruits make a great natural exfoliator and skin brightener, thanks to the presence of alpha-hydroxy acids. They recommend you blend papaya, yogurt, and honey together for a ten-minute mask that will help tighten and brighten your skin. You can also freeze pineapple juice into ice trays and once they’re frozen, glide the pineapple ice cubes across your skin and leave for five minutes before rinsing.


  • Brown Sugar and Olive Oil: Combining these two together creates a great exfoliator to help remove dead skin cells. You’ll want to double the amount of brown sugar as oil and add in a few extra ingredients depending on your skin type. For dry or acne-prone skin try putting some manuka honey into the mix. You can also add some essential oils for a nice scent.  


  • Oatmeal and Water: No at-home spa day is complete without a facial. Putting an oatmeal and water mixture all over your face cleanses and lightly exfoliates your skin, which makes the perfect canvas for an all-natural mask. You can try a soothing, moisturizing, or cleansing mask with ingredients such as yogurt, avocado, strawberries, or honey. After those steps, grab your favorite natural oil like jojoba or grapeseed oil and apply it to your hands and begin massaging your face using gentle, upward circular motions to help to nourish the skin and boost circulation.


Whether you take a quick trip to your local grocery store or simply use what you have at home, you can still achieve those refreshing results like you would from a spa. It’s also equally pampering to just throw some bath salt or a favorite bath bomb into the tub with you. Be aware that bath bombs can potentially clog drains depending on their ingredients. You should try avoiding washing too many oils, glitter, and products like cocoa butter down your drain. You don’t want a nasty clog to spoil your spa day. 

Stepping Up Your At-Home Spa Game

If you do happen to find yourself ready to finally upgrade your bathroom or even up the ante on your at-home spa days, there are some great options worth investing in. Opting for a more spa-inspired remodel can actually be a worthwhile option for homeowners as it helps increase the overall value of your home. 


An upgrade you might not think about that can really help to improve the overall appearance of your skin and hair is a new water filtration system. As experts at Market Pro Home Buyers explain, “A water filtration system is a very easy and almost universally-appreciated upgrade. This is particularly true in places with lower-quality tap water.”


As regular tap water can contain chemicals and heavy metals that can dry out your skin and hair, putting in a better filtration system can really cut down on those contaminants. It’s a simple change that can make a big difference and have your skin looking like you just got back from the spa when you actually just stepped out of the shower.


Another upgrade to try, if you’ve got the space, is an indoor or outdoor sauna. It’s a long-term investment that will really bring those soothing and luxurious spa aspects to your home. What you will have to decide on is picking between an infrared sauna or a more traditional steam one. 


Ikon Health tells us that while both infrared and traditional saunas provide many of the same benefits, they operate a bit differently. Traditional saunas heat up the air in a small enclosure which then heats up anything in it. They also tend to operate at a temperature of around 170 degrees Fahrenheit while an infrared sauna works at around 110 to 130 degrees. They go on to further explain that infrared saunas actually heat you from the inside out, similar to what you would feel on a hot sunny day. So, depending on your preference, you can pick a sauna that works best for you. The best part about investing in a sauna is you can invite friends over for a luxurious at-home spa party.

Whether it’s a relaxing night with your favorite essential oils or even remodeling your bathroom, bringing in those revitalizing elements from the spa into your home is a great way to invest in lasting health, relaxation, and really step up your self-care routine. Good luck!