Sustainability: Doing Our Part to Protect Our Earth

Effortless personal care that protects the earth.

Did you know that our oceans have five floating islands made entirely of un-recycled plastic?! That’s FIVE ISLANDS with one of them being as big as France. Mind officially BLOWN.

However, on a planet with over 7.8 billion people and a lot of single-use plastic that isn’t recycled, it is not exactly a shock that we now have islands made entirely of plastic. There are 8 million tons of plastic that enter our oceans yearly, and in about thirty years there will be more plastic than fish in the water.

With all this knowledge on hand, as a brand, we wanted to be better and do better for our planet. Let’s face it. We only have one earth, and we are more than sure that Mars is off the table at the moment!

Now for the burning question. What did PiperWai do to help protect our earth and be more sustainable?!?

Well, all of our product formulas are created with clean and ethically sourced materials that are free from the pollutants that can harm marine life. Although our previous packaging used has been glass or PPE plastic, after some research, we knew that we could do better and wanted to stop contributing to the plastic waste problem. That’s why we are happy to make the switch to Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) and other reusable packaging materials.

So, why did we choose Ocean Waste Plastic as a part of our new packaging? Besides the obvious fact that we will be helping to clean up our oceans, OWP reduces CO2 emissions by 60% versus virgin plastic. OWP also uses 85% less energy and releases 75% fewer greenhouse gases than the production of virgin plastic. Those are not the only benefits of switching to OWP.

By recycling OWP as a part of our new packaging, we are helping to create six times more jobs than landfilling recyclables and thirty-six times more jobs than incinerating the plastic! Saving the planet AND helping to create more jobs? That sounds like a win-win situation to us!

To make all this happen, we partnered with Tide Ocean SA and Packtech. These two manufacturers have been able to take ocean waste and ocean-bound plastic and turn them into gorgeous, recyclable packaging. By partnering with Tide Ocean SA and Packtech, we took the necessary first step, and it’s a step in the right direction.

We hope that you will join us on our journey of not only redefining the future of clean, everyday hygiene essentials but also stopping our contribution to the plastic waste problem.

In our opinion, saving the earth never smelled so good!

To learn more about our efforts and our manufacturers, check out our sustainability page.