Our 2021 Sustainable Resolutions

Happy New Year!

We made it through this past year and with the new year comes new resolutions (or the same ones as last year because...well...2020) and opportunities to implement changes to better yourself and hopefully the environment.

This year, our team has decided we will be making resolutions to do our part and become more sustainable in our daily lives. If the last year taught us anything it’s that there are many ways that we can do our part in being more sustainable. Just remember, you don’t have to start big. All it takes is one step in a sustainable direction. Here are a few things that our team is doing to be more sustainable that may also inspire you.

Sarah, Co-Founder & CEO

“I've been using plant-based skincare and cleaning products for several years, opting for products packaged in sustainable packaging when possible, but my favorite and most impactful change over the past year was shifting a lot of my grocery purchases away from mass grocery to small family-owned farms. I've been a member of various CSA's (Community Supported Agriculture), which deliver weekly boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables. Over the past year, I relied on groceries beyond fruits and vegetables such as baked goods, preserves, spices, and everything else available in the farm cooperative, which ended up being more convenient, satisfying knowing purchases were staying within the community and my food had traveled a shorter distance to reach my table.”

Eliza, Head of Growth

“I love online shopping but end up returning a lot of what I buy. This year I learned how horrible that is for the environment because it's doubling the distance an order has traveled on a truck and, therefore, doubling the Co2 emissions. I also learned that most clothing returns end up in landfills, along with the single-use plastic they were wrapped in. My sustainable resolution for 2021 is to be more intentional with the things I buy online so I'm not returning things unnecessarily, and to buy secondhand or from sustainable brands instead of supporting fast-fashion. Essentially, (eco)quality over quantity!”

If you want to find out how your fashion shopping habits are impacting the environment, check out this nifty calculator by ThredUp and actress Emma Watson.

Kate, Senior Human Resources Partner

I have been evaluating the amount of waste in our household and coming up with creative solutions on how to decrease it!  Staying home more often this year I have really noticed how much we throw away!  This year I am switching out single-use items, like paper towels and plastic bags for items that can be reused.  My sustainable resolution for 2021 is to use dishrags instead of paper towels, glass containers instead of plastic disposable containers and we even found these amazing washable plastic baggies @stasherbag.  My commitment is to continue to replace disposable items in our household throughout the year!”

Arnelle, Customer Success

“My name is Arnelle and I’m an offender of using one of the most common single-use plastics in society...plastic water bottles. This past year has thought me that my family and I go through so many packs of plastic water bottles a month. Although we always recycle the bottles, many times it’s not recycled properly and can overflow landfills and pollute our ocean. Not to mention that water bottles take over one thousand years to biodegrade. My sustainable resolution of 2021 is to ditch the plastic water bottles, invest in reusable eco-friendly water bottles, and continue to find ways to be more sustainable every day!”

For more facts on a plastic water bottle’s impact on our environment, check out this blog post by Healthy Human.

Noah, Customer Service

“Like most people, 2020 turned me into an avid baker. The more I baked, the more waste I discovered I was creating. I was throwing away parchment paper, aluminum foil, and plastic wrap after each bake. I have switched to lids and towels to replace single-use plastic wrap. I have also recently learned that parchment paper can be reused over and over again. My sustainable resolution for 2021 is to be mindful of the waste I create while baking and to work towards baking with zero waste!”

If you're interested in learning more about zero waste baking, here's a great blog post: https://www.lesswasteworld.com/blog-1/2018/12/5/zero-waste-baking-ten-tips

Leonie, Operations Associate

“As single-use plastic bags are being phased out of supermarkets, I’ve noticed that I’ve run out of plastic baggies for my trash cans at home. I recently had to buy a box of trash bags which I had never had to before and it made me realize the extra damage I may be causing. Since then, I’ve been looking for trash bags that are biodegradable and compostable, meaning that the bags do not need oxygen, light, heat, moisture, or mechanical stress to turn into soil in 1 to 7 years. The bags leave no remnants behind and can be buried in any landfill or be used in compost bins. Although there are harder to find, they will not harm the environment and it’s a great reminder to take my Baggu with me when I go grocery shopping.”