Introducing Our 2oz and 16oz Cleansing Hand Gels with A Brand New Scent!

We are happy to announce that we have launched our new 2oz Cleansing Hand Gel bottles and our new value-size 16oz Cleansing Hand Gel. 

Our powerful, rinse-free cleansing hand gel is formulated with 62% alcohol sourced from non-GMO sugar cane, soothing aloe that now comes in two scents. Our original Lemongrass scent which is an uplifting yet calming blend of Lemongrass, Frankincense, and Chamomile essential oils and our new Minty Fresh Cleansing Hand Gel! Our new scent is an invigorating blend of Rosemary and Peppermint giving our new scent its fresh, clean, and herbaceous scent. The Rosemary and Peppermint essential oil blend contains antiviral, stimulating, and mild analgesic properties. This non-drying, vegan formula is designed to effectively cleanse your hands on the go when good old-fashioned soap and water aren’t available.

Larger hand sanitizer bottles have been hard to come by and we’re happy to finally share them with you today. When we first released the Cleansing Hand Gels, we wanted to give back to our community as much as possible. With that being said, we decide to donate a percentage of the profits made from our 1 oz Cleansing Hand Gels. In addition to the percentage of the profits, we donated a hang gel to TCAH for every order placed, as well as distributing hand gels to Bronx healthcare workers. Similar to our 1oz Cleansing Hand Gels, we will continue to make an impact in our community by donating a percentage of the sales made from our 2oz bottles and 16oz bottles to The Campaign Against Hunger (TCAH), a community organization based in Brooklyn, NY, feeding those in need.

The 2oz bottles will be $10 ($5/oz), while our value sized 16 oz bottles will be $30 ($1.88/oz). The value size is perfect for your home, office, and to refill the bottles that you already have. Our 1oz bottles will now be sold in a bundle of four!

To grab yours today, click here! 

*Please note that all our hand gel packaging is made from recyclable glass bottles.