The Impact of Lifelong Localization on the Environment

Written by: Frank Hamilton

Today, the social and environmental value of a business has become more important than economic. Buyers began to worry more about what social problem a business can solve with its product and service, more than at the price of the offer itself. Understanding this trend, it becomes possible to choose the path of lifelong localization of a product or service, but not in the classical sense, as when entering new markets, but in relation to the environment.

Of course, the natural environment is individual for each state. This must be taken into account when localizing the product to the individually taken realities of each country, and when localizing it with respect to the environment as a whole. At the same time, it is very important to find such approaches that allow pairing reduced environmental and social impact with positive economic results. In this article, we have collected some of them.

Switch to Local Sourcing

When your goal is to localize the product according to the ecological realities of a particular country, this is an effective method to use local resources. For example, by hiring workers from this country instead of relocating those who already work with you, you will add a social mission to your business, as you will give new jobs in a foreign company. By deploying on-site production instead of worldwide shipping, you will reduce transportation costs and harmful emissions from air delivery.

Ship Goods More Efficiently

This approach will also help you reduce the environmental impact by reducing transport emissions, and at the same time, you can offer customers cheaper delivery by deploying the transport infrastructure of electric vehicles in each of the countries for which you have localized your product. And by the way, it makes sense to tell the audience about your approach, but more on that in the next paragraph.

Discuss Environmental Issues with Your Target Audience

When releasing a product or service to a new market, it’s not enough just to translate the website and localize the content, even if you use the services of professional review writers such as Online Writers Rating. If your business also has the task of localizing the proposal to environmental issues, then you need to carry out explanatory work among the target audience so that they correctly evaluate your initiative.

For example, you can say that you are going to abandon the paper instructions for your product in order to preserve the natural fund, and instead invite users to download your application, with which it will also be possible to download the manual. The combination of a positive economic effect with a decrease in environmental impact is obvious - your application is becoming more and more used, and you do not consume excess paper.


Social and environmental business missions come to the fore. In this context, it makes sense to localize the product as accurately as possible, using the resources already available in a particular country, reducing transportation costs for the delivery, and informing each segment of the target audience about your initiatives.


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