Vitamins For Odor Control

At PiperWai, we’ll talk your ear off about the root causes of body odor – everything from genetics, stress, diet, hormones to environment. And the differences between your eccrine and apocrine glands. While we promote good hygiene through the PiperWai Body Wash and our assortment of super-powered activated charcoal Natural Deodorants, there’s a whole other side of odor control that gets very little attention in our daily lives. 

Let’s break down which vitamins help keep your body odor in check. 

Vitamin C

Excessive sweating can lead to a depletion of Vitamin C, an antioxidant which is essential for a healthy immune system. Vitamin C also aids in the development of collagen to combat wounds, wrinkles and promote healthy connective tissues, especially healthy gums and teeth for better smelling breath by supporting overall oral health. (1)

Vitamins A & E

A powerful antioxidant (2), Vitamin E is super nourishing for damaged skin by aiding in skin cell renewal and protecting skin from free radicals. Wounded or damaged skin can create an environment for bacteria to thrive. By keeping skin generally healthy, there’s fewer chances for bacteria to thrive and mix with apocrine gland sweat to cause odor. Likewise, Vitamin A is an essential nutrient for aiding in skin cell renewal. (3) 


Chlorophyll a and b are naturally found in plants, and Chlorophyllin is a compound derived from Chlorophyll. (4) Ever since a study from the 1950’s showed a link between Chlorophyll and reduced body odor, there’s been several conflicting studies over the years. Chlorophyll comes in many forms - capsules, gummies, tablets, tinctures, teas and exfoliants. Amidst all the hype, it has been praised as a solution to fresher breath, better digestion and body odor control. While the medical evidence is lacking, the frenzy over Chlorophyll is gaining momentum on social media and in stores alike! 

Vitamins for odor control are easy to find in a healthy, balanced diet. Of course, always consult your medical professional before embarking on a new vitamin and supplement routine.