The Personal Care Industry is Changing and You Should Too

Animal cruelty, unsustainable packaging, and harmful synthetic ingredients are becoming things of the past in the personal care industry. These days, it seems like every brand is having an ethical makeover. But while companies are getting proactive about the shift toward natural, vegan, and sustainable solutions, consumers aren’t hopping on the trend quite as fast.

While many consumers prioritize personal care, many are hesitant to switch from the products they know and love to lesser-known natural products. But moving forward with the personal care industry can deliver health benefits to you and the world.

We’ll explain why you should be running, not walking, to try out ethical brands and why you should change some of your habits to support sustainability in your life.

How Natural Products Can Improve Your Health

While making the switch to natural, vegan products may sound like a decision that’s mainly driven by ethics, doing so can have direct benefits on your health. Synthetic personal care products — the ones with ingredients you can’t pronounce — can cause skin irritation and hormonal disruption, among other negative side effects. Even the seemingly small addition of artificial fragrances can trigger allergies.

Choosing natural products is a simple action you can take to protect your long-term health, while still giving your body the care it needs. On top of eliminating the issues caused by synthetic products, natural alternatives can provide added health benefits. For instance, products using oats reduce inflammation and can be used to treat eczema. Real ingredients truly are nature’s miracle.

While some consumers may be wary of the effectiveness of natural products, keep in mind that committing to any personal hygiene routine can improve your quality of life. Including natural products in your personal hygiene routine is a healthier way to prevent disease and improve social well-being.

Sustainable Products Help Our Planet Stay Healthy

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (and even if you have), you probably know about climate change by now. It’s one of the biggest issues facing our environment today. And given that one of the root causes of climate change is human activity, a simple way to combat it is by consciously choosing products that don’t cause environmental stress.

In addition to helping us stay healthy, natural products — when produced sustainably — can help our planet stay healthy, too. For example, opting for packaging made from recycled ocean-bound plastics (rather than paper) can greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions

Choosing Ethical Brands Can Create a Better World

Still unsure if choosing natural brands is worth the effort? Even the most enthusiastic climate activists know it’s hard to imagine climate change ending just because you chose a better deodorant. However, no impact is too small to make a difference.

Moving toward sustainability with the personal care industry isn’t just about making more ethical choices as an individual. It’s also about pushing corporations (which impact our planet far more than a single person can) to make ethical decisions, too.

Each purchase you make is a “vote” with your wallet. And if you’re consistently voting for better products for you and the world, more and more companies will make those options available.

Healthy Habits Matter as Much as the Products You Choose

Being gung-ho about switching to natural products is undoubtedly great. However, keep in mind that making ethical personal care choices isn’t just about the products you purchase. Some of the healthiest, most sustainable solutions are the ones that money can’t buy.

Healthy habits are natural remedies that are accessible to just about anyone. For instance, maintaining a healthy sleep schedule is a great way to get your full eight hours of sleep every single night. Doing so regulates your circadian rhythm, which is basically a biological clock that helps you tell the difference between night and day. As a result, you’ll get the sleep you need to improve your immune system and your memory.

Don’t forget to keep up with your doctor’s appointments, too. Natural personal care solutions aren’t an alternative to professional care. Rather, they can be treated as great supplements. For instance, getting dental cleanings twice a year is still a recommended practice for disease prevention. But when you don’t have a medical team right in front of you, picking up natural toothpaste and sustainable floss can be a key part of your preventative care (and help you feel better about your choices). 

Choose Natural Products for All-Around Benefits

Deciding to use natural personal care products can ironically feel like an unnatural choice. But while you may be used to the synthetic options on the shelves of your local big-box store, natural products are the ones that will help you improve (rather than hinder) your health — particularly when paired with healthy habits. Choosing ethical brands can also help you help the world by reducing your contribution to climate change.