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Customer Spotlight: Christina Kantzavelos

Christina Kantzavelos has a lot going on. She's a a freelance writer, content strategist, travel blogger, licensed psychotherapist (LCSW), library and archive professional, humanitarian and an artist. She is driven by passion, whether it's traveling, making connections and helping others. 

Amazingly, she's able to balance her professional life with hobbies like reading, writing, crafting, hiking, traveling, volunteering, meditating, planning community events and cuddling with her cat, Banana. Whew! She's like a real-life Wonder Woman. 

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Mon, Oct 01, 18

3 Reasons “Vegan” Belongs in Your Belly and on Your Skin

Search for #vegan on Instagram, and you’ll find an endless array of food recipes and restaurant fare that manage to omit animals, while boosting flavor. It’s undeniable that vegan food is officially infiltrating the mainstream, one oat-milk latte at a time. And the more popular it becomes, the more widely distributed and affordable it gets for everyone.

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Tue, Oct 30, 18

How Deodorant Became a Daily Essential

By Lindsay Patton-Carson If you have armpits, chances are deodorant (hopefully it’s PiperWai!) is part of your everyday routine. The odor-diminishing product has become a staple in our culture, and getting your first deodorant is an adulthood rite of passage for many. In the grand scheme of things, however, deodorant is a relatively new invention that debuted in 1888. Body odor originally wasn’t meant as a bad thing. Instead, it was a defense mechanism our ancestors used against predators. As you may have read on our stress sweat blog, body odor and sweat were both biological tools for our species’...

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Tue, Oct 23, 18

How Fitness and Meditation Nurtured My Mind During Recovery

If you’ve ever been in recovery from drug or alcohol abuse, you’ve probably wondered why so many people encourage you to work out or—worse—practice yoga as part of your recovery. As if simply living a sober life wasn’t hard enough, you’re supposed to practice meditation, too? It can seem overwhelming, and taking care of your body by lifting weights is the last thing you want to do. 

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Wed, Sep 26, 18

Learn More About Our Partnership with Shannon Elizabeth!

For nearly two years now, Cape Town has been home to Hollywood actress Shannon Elizabeth Fadal, star of more than 50 films and television shows, including the global hits American Pie and Scary Movie.

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Fri, Sep 21, 18

Got Stress Sweat? Here Are Ways to Stress Less

By Cassi Bee We’ve all been hit with an episode of the stress sweats before. You know the type: poorly timed, exceptionally smelly, and seemingly endless. Stress sweat usually starts to quickly hit before a big meeting, ahead of an important event, or — plainly — whenever our brain feels we need a few extra feet from whatever is in front of us. PiperWai’s Natural Deodorant not only neutralizes that gnarly odor onsite, but it also helps to wick away sweat as it happens by creating a light, invisible shield between your underarms and your garments. To understand why stress...

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Thu, Sep 06, 18

The Best Ways to Stretch Before Your Sweat Session

Flexibility training is an essential, yet often overlooked, health component to one’s fitness routine. There are numerous studies that show the short-term and long-term benefits of various types of stretching, including static stretching, ballistic stretching and dynamic stretching. There are many reasons why incorporating stretching into your workout is crucial, and that is because it can decrease stress, reduce pain and stiffness, improve health, reduce risk of injury and improve function. Here are three types of stretching techniques that you can implement before your workout routines.

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Thu, Aug 16, 18

How to Introduce Natural Products to Friends and Family

So, you’ve made the transition to natural products – hooray! Give yourself a pat on the back for treating your body well. While switching to natural products is becoming a big movement that keeps growing, there are still many people who aren’t familiar with the benefits of going natural.

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Tue, Aug 21, 18

Customer Spotlight: Kerri Keeney

A three-sport athlete like our customer Kerri needs a deodorant that holds up. So when she saw our appearance on Shark Tank, this animal lover was ready to take the plunge with a natural, vegan and cruelty-free deodorant.

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Tue, Mar 06, 18