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Vegan vs Cruelty Free: Learning the Differences

At PiperWai, we're proud to have hyper-informed, conscious consumers. They hold us to a high standard and make sure our health and wellness mission includes every body, including animals. Part of the PiperWai philosophy is to always be a vegan and cruelty free deodorant, with certifications from Leaping Bunny and Vegan Action. We are all big animal lovers at team PiperWai, and do not see a need to use animal products or test on animals – especially when all our ingredients are food grade. When people are looking for a deodorant that’s safe to put on their bodies, they often consider how the product...

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Tue, Feb 13, 18

Customer Spotlight: Chauna Payne

Each one of our customers has an exceptional story to tell and Chauna Payne is no different. She has devoted her life and career to helping empower those experiencing cancer's disheartening side effects. Her mom is a 33-year breast-cancer survivor, and is a big part of how Chauna made it her life goal to kick cancer's ass. Her main hustle is providing high-quality wigs to cancer patients. She loves the confidence people get from the wigs and being able to help provide that confidence for them.  Get to know more about Chauna!  How did you hear about PiperWai? I first...

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Wed, Jan 10, 18

Underarm pH Imbalance: Why Does It Happen?

Your body is an incredible machine. It’s resilient, complicated and always working to keep you going. It also can be sensitive and easily thrown off by outside factors. A big contribution to strong underarm odor is the way your body handles pH imbalance. Natural deodorants like PiperWai need to work with your body in order to be effective. If the pH imbalance under your arms has changed, it can also change the way PiperWai interacts with your body and how your body manages sweat and odors. So why is your pH balance off? Hormonal changesFluctuating hormonal levels attribute to pH...

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Mon, Jan 15, 18

Customer Spotlight: Melissa Pepin

We got to know Melissa when we noticed she kept tagging us on social media. On closer look, we saw that she was on a mission to recruit as many PiperWai customers as possible. She wasn't prompted to do so, nor did she receive any kind of incentive from us. She just did it.  We were so delighted and thankful that she took so much time to promote us that we reached out to tell her how much she means to us. That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship filled with Beyonce gifs, exclamation points and mutual adoration.  We want...

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Wed, Sep 20, 17

Why We Give

We believe giving should be a year-round occasion. It’s a core belief that has been part of our company since Jess and Sarah founded it four years ago. Of course, the founders have organizations that are close to their hearts, but what’s special about the company is that each team member has a say in how PiperWai gives back. The result is a long list of organizations we are proud to support. It has been proven that philanthropy is beneficial to business, which is just a bonus for us. Our brand is not only committed to making lives better one...

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Mon, Nov 27, 17

Reasons Why You Should Gift PiperWai This Holiday Season

We have multiple options available for purchase this holiday season. For a limited time, you can get a PiperWai gift set that includes a jar, stick, two trial sizes and an organic cotton travel bag. A gift all wrapped up and ready to go.

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Mon, Nov 06, 17

Help Us Save Rhinos with Shannon Elizabeth!

World Rhino Day is Sept. 22 and we’re collaborating with actress and Animal Avengers founder/president Shannon Elizabeth to help save the rhinos. For one day only, get 20% OFF your PiperWai order with the code RHINODAY. We will donate a portion of the day’s sales to Shannon’s organization, Animal Avengers. The money raised that day will go toward buying milk for orphaned baby rhinos at the Rhino Pride Sanctuary. Our relationship with Shannon started a year ago, when she sent us a message through Twitter. Naturally, we were surprised that a well-known actress took time to reach out to our...

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Tue, Aug 29, 17

Activated Charcoal: What Is It and What Does It Do?

If you are the tiniest bit familiar with PiperWai, then you’ve likely heard the term “activated charcoal” more than once. There’s a reason for that. Activated charcoal is our magic ingredient, the thing that makes PiperWai stand out from every other natural deodorant. The term may throw people off, though. Many hear “charcoal” and think of the stuff that goes on grills or in the fireplace. The difference between your everyday household charcoal and activated charcoal is that oxygen is added in, making activated charcoal more porous and better at absorption. Its primary purpose is to absorbs the body’s toxins....

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Fri, Aug 04, 17

Natural vs. Antiperspirant: Why Make the Switch?

There are some big differences between a product labeled “deodorant” and one that’s labeled “antiperspirant.” In fact, many people think deodorants and antiperspirants are interchangeable. They’re located in the same aisle, so shouldn’t they work the same? The truth is, they both work but in separate ways. Our goal as a natural deodorant company is to inform people about our product and philosophy as much as possible. Part of that is educating people that deodorants and antiperspirants are completely different things. Antiperspirants rely on aluminum to work The active ingredient in antiperspirants is aluminum, which plugs sweat glands shut to...

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Mon, Jun 12, 17